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mental illness

Buck is one of the more pitiable TM'ers I have encountered. By his own 
statements plus the interviews he gave Joe Weber for the book Weber wrote, Buck 
has been ostracized and kicked out of his precious community or at least the 
Dome aspect at least 3 times, for things as trivial as growing a beard.

Yet he continues to adulate the con artist who started it all and to believe in 
that will o' the wisp the Marshy Effect which he believes will save the world 
even though he has no basis upon which to base that belief than the constant 
insistence of a group of proven liars. 

If his mind is so skewed as to swallow the song and dance PR of the Movement as 
it peddles its nostrums and snake oil, its easy to see how he could wish for 
all the "neganauts and naysayers" to vanish from the face of the earth.

It's one thing to actually believe the delusional crap he seems to believe 
about Maharishi and the non-existent ME. That's just a senile person refusing 
to let go of the delusions he glommed onto as a youth. 

Where he crosses the line is in calling you a "terrorist." That's a pretty 
dangerous thing to brand someone with in this day and age on an Internet forum 
on which it can be accessed by any search engine. Rick reacted properly a while 
back when I pointed out to him that Richard was going around calling Michael a 
criminal, implying (falsely) that he was selling drugs, which is a felony in 
Iowa. Rick promised to ban Richard if he did it again. Now "Buck" is calling 
people "terrorists" for simply criticizing the cult he belongs to. Yeah, we all 
know he's senile, but there has to be a limit to what he's allowed to get away 

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mental illness


---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

D: Om
No, MJ you misrepresent me here.  I likened you and the nature of
your extreme hate 

M: OK, he speaks his opinions about the movement freely here...

D: and behavior to be like Hamas
M: His "behavior is to speak his mind. Hamas's behavior is actually killing 
people. Kinda different don't you think?

D: and said I could
empathize with Obama in his having to dealing with ISIS and that
level of such threats for instance.  I can 'understand' his position.
Groups certainly have some rights to defend themselves for their life
against terrorism and attack which may threaten their very existence.
You are a good example of that attack and terrorism for the TM
community.   I find you terribly interesting in this by example. 

M: I find it interesting that you are connecting his free speech with terrorist 
acts of violence against community of people who never have to click on what 
they say unless they want to to rile themselves up like you do. This is way 
over the line "Buck." The violent imagery is disturbing and it is a creepy 
reaction to someone with a different POV on a movement HE was a part of himself 
and therefor certainly has a legitimate right to his own opinion about it all.

D: Once
again in the news we have an example of  'group coalescing' to
protect themselves individually and their very life to exist as a

M: So a guy posts a different opinion than you have on a 2000 person at best 
yahoo group and the whole TM movement is rocked to the core as if someone 
strapped on a bomb and walked into a marketplace and blew up women, children 
and men.

Over the line and creepy, not to mention an indictment of the fragility of a 
movement who can't take the criticism of someone who left the group. I think 
you missed your cult "Buck", you should have been a Scientologist. He didn't 
misrepresent you, you are comparing him to a terrorist group that actually 
kills people so we are killing them with drone strikes. You are not qualifying 
your comparison, you are making it plainly. You are also trivializing actual 
people who actually kill people and blow up babies to protect yourself from 
your own choice of reading an opinion you do not share.

Scientology Top Managers In Action. 

       Scientology Top Managers In Action  
For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom 
Three of Scientology's top management personnel ambushing a former member of 
View on        Preview by Yahoo    


Prime Minister Stephen Harper called the events on Parliament Hill
"an attack on our values."  

Harper described the attacker as a terrorist and promised to
"redouble" anti-terror efforts.  
fact, this will lead us to strengthen our resolve and redouble our
efforts... to take all necessary steps to identify and counter
threats and keep Canada safe." 

in the Dome

mjackson74 writes:

This from the guy who said I  and people like me should be targeted with drone 

? “..the role of principle Barry hater - and you have to admire the gusto!” 
No, we all rate posts as we may read them on spectrum; from posts that make: 
Observations, to suggestions, to criticism, by negativity and tone, to 
apostasy, thence to active anger and hating. In reading these posts I feel Ann 
through reading the individual postings here simply lost some faith more in 
Turq by her better understanding of his writing and approach here after reading 
the Lenz book that was posted here. It is that simple also. 
 I always read the Turq and feel he has a valid perspective from having 'been 
there' at a time, by his contrast with spiritual experience like Fleet's, and 
now I feel I have an even better understanding of him as a critic from this 
recent Freddy Lenz/Rama thread on FFL. Context often is everything.

That is something that is particularly good about the writing on FFL, that it 
often can render down what is truth. Judy was very much part of that process 
when she was here. Ann also helps with that by virtue of her mind about things 
and by life experience as context about things here. Some here have been pricks 
and Ann may be prickly towards people at times.  Rick seems to welcome almost 
everyone contributing to the related topics of FairfieldLife. I thank Rick for 
that. Public forum is often one of the best checks against theocratic tyranny.

There was an amazing open meeting last night in meditating Fairfield where 
everything was on the table in front of a bunch of the higher-up apparatchiks 
of the new TM movement. For upward pressures on the organization being beyond 
theocratic control, FFL has long been a part of the calculus of the meditating 
Fairfield communal culture.
There is a lot of change going on inside right now by virtue of the attention 
of public forum. Turq in his way has been part of that for years by force of 
his experience, personality and writing. I would miss him if he gets entirely 
hounded or completely embarrassed off of this forum. In the same way I feel it 
was really mean the way they hounded Judy personally off this list and out of 
this community. Rick and the moderators should have stopped that before the end.
I would hope we could all be kinder with one another in process.
Jai Guru Dev,
-Buck in the Dome

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mental illness


 In the same way I feel it was really mean the way they
hounded Judy personally off this list and out of this community.
Rick and the moderators should have stopped that before the end.  

Huh? I don't remember Judy being hounded off the list. She got no more kickback 
than usual anyway. In fact, she gave every impression of revelling in a good 
row. And she'd amassed a group of fans, I recall she just quit posting and that 
was that.

would hope we could all be kinder with one another in process.  

It's the wild, wild web Buck. It's just the way things are done, there's trolls 
everywhere, I don't think Barry is one of them either.

So, what happened at the meeting, who said what and what are they going to do 
about it?

Guru Dev,  
in the Dome 

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