Nice that we all can agree on so much here. "World Peace is just a matter of 
money", (to support the group program).
 Evidently it should be better if we all would support the program more.
 I feel Maharishi was a modern scientist just looking to fund research.
 He did some pretty large science that was transforming.  
 -Buck in the Dome

 curtisdeltablues wrote :

 I totally agree that Maharishi was a believer in his Hindu religious beliefs. 
Unfortunately that included a view of dispensable Westerners as cash cows for 
his holy purposes. He called us non Indians the "mix ups" in India because we 
could not trace our shakka clan lineage. He used us for the purpose he believed 
suited us best, financial exploitation. 

But your point is one that I share about his beliefs in much of his own rap. I 
am not sure how cynical he was about the flying program though. I am not sure 
he believed in it as much as his TM, but I could be wrong. At the time he 
developed the siddhi program he was so obviously winging it I am kinda 
skeptical. It was a huge cash cow for the movement when initiations had dropped 

Certainly a complex guy and worthy of many nuanced POVs about him.

WGM4U wrote :

 I think Curtis has a point, MMY didn't always answer questions directly, I 
believe he felt the ends justified the means and yes, he did use hyperbole. But 
to see him as a money grubbing fool is missing the point. MMY was a religious 
Hindu fundamentalist, IMHO, which explains everything!  He really wanted World 
Peace, he really cared for people and the World, he was a good man and helped 

He really believed, "World Peace is just a matter of money", (to support the 
group program), even Christians believe in the power of groups praying the 
Rosary, TM and TMSP is basically the same dynamic....


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