I would point out Curtis, that M never claimed to spend his time in deep 
meditation.  It was in service to his master that he said he achieved his 

 Now I realize that many of your comments are in response to nabs comment about 
M's sacrificing a reclusive way of life for a more active state of life, but 
aligning oneself with one's master is a pretty common means of gaining 
enlightenment, if you happen to believe in such things.

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 Yes the Maharishi was a martyr myth, I know it well. The idea that an 
ambitious guy like Maharishi who showed no reclusive tendencies before or after 
the two years he claimed to have been camping in Uttar Kashi is absurd. He was 
an advance man for Guru Dev, that is how Jerry described it to me. He was never 
sitting around, he was constantly busy promoting the image of his teacher which 
was also a hallmark of his active life in the movement where he promoted 
himself. He had a flair for the dramatic and the sensational:Yogic flying come 
one come all! He was no more prone to sit around in a cave taking his morning 
dump outside than Donald Trump. He was used to living in the Hindu Vatican. And 
what did he do as soon as he had the means? He built cushy palaces for himself 
all over the world with silk wall paper and every other comfort he wanted.

It was no sacrifice for him to follow his ambitious nature, become a 
millionaire, bang a bunch of white chicks and jet set around the world 
collecting celebrities like Parez Hilton to popularize his brand.

Save the world from self-destruction? I don't even need to refute that claim, 
it does that fine just being repeated to shine in its absurd glory!

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 Maharishi's life was a total sacrifice, he could have stayed in the Himalayas 
with a few students and pursued the refinements you are mentioning. He made his 
choice and he kept saying that he was "a normal human being". He didn't have 
the time to pursue further physical developments, he hardly slept,  instead 
there was a total focus on bringing the knowledge which could, and did, save 
the world from self-destruction. 

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 I suspect that folks were very disappointed that like some gurus MMY didn't 
stay sharp in mind until he decided it was time to bail and "drop the body."  
That's a lot of work but the whole thing about yoga is learning to control the 
autonomic nervous system and keep aging away.  Some are good at and others not. 
 Higher states of consciousness come as a by-product.


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 I changed the subjectline as it is more appropriate.
 Curtis is trying to distract attention from his own misery on the streets and 
general failures as an artist. His negativity though shines Bright
 This video was done during a long series of interviews shortly before 
Maharishi died and shows a mentally very fit man.



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