I used to always see the others in the room during flying, like that - had my 
eyes closed, but everyone showed up clearly, and proportionately, as light 
beings. Always turned into that, myself, when flying. 
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 Nabby, fun coincidence that you are talking about this and I had an experience 
in the Dome this morning that I've never had before. My eyes were closed and in 
my mind's eye, I saw all the other women as ovals of white light. 

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 "If you look into anything deeply enough, jr, it resolves into consciousness, 
literally. Try it"
 You don't even have to look very deeply. Looking at a person for some short 
time will make him disappear leaving a light, often golden or blue. In my 
experience the more evolved a person the quicker he disolves and the more 
interesting the light he leaves behind. And like you say it can be anything, 
only it takes a little longer for an ordinary object than humans to resolve. 



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