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 As Marilyn Manson deliberately chose as his stage name (Charles) Manson's 
surname he clearly gets a kick out of winding up people. The trailer I posted 
is a shock-fest alright and if the final movie is just that non-stop onslaught 
I'd be walking out of the cinema after ten minutes (a full nine minutes after 
you obviously!). I'm assuming that in the rest of the film it is planned to 
give some kind of narrative development that could be more bearable.
 The Valerie film from 1969 I also mentioned is highly thought of by the 
critics and if you are "drawn to the macabre and the dark" you should enjoy it. 
Actually, it's too "camp" to be particularly dark - it's even quite innocent. 
The kind of surreal and dreamy atmosphere that permeates Valerie is what really 
appeals to me.

 I see that is was released in 1969. It has that feel alright. And some of the 
British films from the 60's were very much of this type, most of them rather 
surreal (like you say). And I love b and w films; there is so much more 
atmosphere and working with the light is so much more evident when you don't 
include color. 


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