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> > 
> > Tom has arranged for a $50,000 legal retainer to sue
> > Ben the lier.  If Ben posts a fully apologitic statement in 
which he
> > admits in every line that he, and not Tom was wrong and he 
> > for wrongfully accusing Tom for it in an unambiguous, convincing,
> > non-finger pointing way, the suit will not be filed.  Any hint 
> > he's being insincere and Tom will see Ben in Court.  If Ben posts
> > anything to Fairfield life on any subject becept a convincing  
> > and  agreement that he is a flake, the lawsuit against Ben will 
> > filed and a few days later Ben will receive his subpoena.  Tom 
> > want to stiffle Ben's freedom of speach.  But he doesn't want to 
> > the words of a lier who reprements himself as totally innocent 
of any
> > wrong doing.  The lawyers will prove otherwise.  Tom has more 
> > set aside for more prosecuition, counter suits and to fight 
> > frivilous law suits against him.  He's also got every email Ben 
> > sent to him, notes of every phone conversation, every email he 
> > sent to Ben or others about Ben.  Some of it will curl your hair.
> > 
> Tom,
> $50k is quite a large retainer to sue a private individual for
> defamation and libel.  And from what I've read of Ben's posts, and 
> a lawyer (albeit one who doesn't get $50k retainers), I don't see 
> you'd make a case.  Your suit would likely be considered frivolous.
> Perhaps the people who have hurt you in your life did so because 
> were radiating the hurt and ignorance in their own.  To whatever
> degree that is true, it certainly doesn't minimize or mitigate the
> pain and suffering that you have endured and continue to wrestle 
>  But the expansion of misery and suffering to others can't 
diminish or
> resolve your own.  I'm sure you know that.
> Why not use your legal fund to establish some foundation or project
> that serves to alleviate suffering rather than increase it.  If 
Ben is
> the scoundrel you know him to be, why not let him reap the
> consequences of his behavior without enmeshing you in it, too?  If
> Nature is due to deliver Ben the consequences of his bad karma you
> don't have to volunteer to be the carrier of that karmic delivery.
> That's just a response to what you've written and, as you know 
from a
> previous post of mine, I do not share your opinion of Ben.  But, 
> perhaps you know more of him than I.  Or perhaps you're wrong in 
> evaluation of his character.  I don't know all the details (not do 
> think it's necessary that I need to); but solely as a human being 
> cares about others and prefers to see the expansion of happiness
> rather than the converse, I'd ask you to consider this response to
> your posting as a sincere and candid reaction from your 
environment to
> what you are projecting into it.
> Thanks for taking the time to consider this.
> Marek

Bravo! Thank you- excellently stated!

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