It amazes me that it is said that MMY inhibited the free flow of 
publication of Guru Dev's 'sermons'. After all, it was he who put 
together a book of quotations for publication ('Amrit Kana') and also 
"I appeal to your good sense to extend your valuable support so that 
his elevating discourses may reach the masses in every nook and 
corner of our country and abroad."

Anyone got any of these "sermons by GD"? 
If uneasy about sharing them publicly please email on the side.

--- In, Rick Archer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> Hi Rick, still have no account on FFL.
> But would like to suggest this.
> In the 70s, someone in germ-any brought some stuff from India, which
> was
> "sermons by GD", and printed them. mmy asked him not to do that and
> not to distribute.
> He agreed on that, and later said, he was hugged on the inner level
> by mmy, saying, "this is my realm", (or area or responsibility...)
> On two quotes from GD, I would say, he also was limited.
> One was your quote about being nine months upside down in a woman.
> But if we look at it, it`s not the woman`s design. Every woman, if
> she had the choice, would hold the child nine months to her heart.
> As far as I know, that is the design of...... I forgot, really...
> 2nd quote was, that he allowed himself to be whorshipped, since the
> vedas accepted that for a teacher.
> This is nice, but for me not adequate for our time.
> Authority is based (for me) either on love or
> competence. Not written somewhere....
> As I wrote to Premanand:
> If enlightenment is a "science", than for sure we are here to
> unfold it, even improve it.
> like math or space science, or whatever....
> cheers

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