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> > > > Can you provide any data, or any statistical analysis, or cites 
> to
> > > > such, to support your opinion that a) there were statistically
> > > > anomolous (that is, sigma 4-5 events, using 90-360 day series)
> > > > trades in airline, oil or gold  stocks or options, in the week
> (s) 
> > > > prior to 9/11?
> > > 
> > > It isn't my "opinion" that there were trading anomalies;
> > > it's a matter of public record.  
> > 
> > No. Its a public record that there were speculations about and
> > investigations into such.
> Investigations by financial institutions all over
> the world.
> <snip>
> > When you provide such articles, pointing to specific stocks or
> > options, their volumes, days and time of traade,
> You're just making yourself more and more ridiculous.

The trading anomolies were in the options trading of the 2 airlines
involved in 9/11 hijackings.  The data is easily available - I do
options trading for a living.  I compared the options trading in the
relevant airlines the prior week to 9/11 to the prior year and it was
clearly statistically significant, no doubt about it, and it was all
predicting a downward movement, ie, purchase of put options.  

The government panel investigating 9/11 look at this issue and came up
with some reasons for the unusual trading - it being unusual wasn't
questioned.  They didn't give enough info on the source documents for
me to find them and do my own analysis, but their reasons seemed weak,
for example they referred to an options newsletter that went bearish
on airlines that week, which would be relevant if all airlines saw
bearish trading, but only the 2 involved in 9/11 showed bearish
trading.  There were some other weakass explanations as well.  

Though data on options trading is publicly available, info on the
accts involved in the trading is not and I'm not sure what they know
about the accts and account holders involved in the unusually high
volume trading.  That to me is the key. 

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