On Apr 23, 2006, at 5:45 PM, anon_couscous_ff wrote:

> > As was shared on here a while back, even in recent times when 
> masters
> > have claimed enlightenment, the test almost always involved some
> > performance of siddhi.
> >
> > Since yogic flying belongs to yoga-darshana, it's only sensible to
> > say that's part of CC a la Patanjali, not Brahmi-chetana (Unity).
> As I recall it, he was referring to siddhis and clear ritam as the
> acid test for CC (around 76-77). Others in later years (80s) appear to
> have heard him say these are an acid  test for unity. Not necessarily
> contradictory statements. Or the latter could be a misinterpretation.
> I always thought that manfiesting some simple "siddhis" at will, such
> as kindness, compassion, non-defensiveness, non-ownership,
> imperviousness to insults, non-reactivity, etc. were signs of some
> "growth" -- albeit perhaps minor -- of consciousness being aware of
> itself for some sustained periods. (Not that these are 24/7
> characteristics of cc, but as something parallel to "minor siddhis",
> can be manifest at will.)
> I would look to those simple manifestations prior to the manifestation
> of clear ritam and formal siddhis. And I would look for the latter
> prior to self-claims of enlightenement.

Indeed. However higher states (rather than "stages") can occur at any 
level of growth--it just happens if you experience a higher *state* 
while still in a narcissistic or selfish *stage* you will reference 
and display that state in the clothes of selfishness and narcissism.

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