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> On Apr 23, 2006, at 5:45 PM, anon_couscous_ff wrote:
> > > As was shared on here a while back, even in recent times when 
> > masters
> > > have claimed enlightenment, the test almost always involved some
> > > performance of siddhi.
> > >
> > > Since yogic flying belongs to yoga-darshana, it's only sensible
> > > say that's part of CC a la Patanjali, not Brahmi-chetana
> >
> >
> > As I recall it, he was referring to siddhis and clear ritam as the
> > acid test for CC (around 76-77). Others in later years (80s)
appear to
> > have heard him say these are an acid  test for unity. Not
> > contradictory statements. Or the latter could be a
> >
> > I always thought that manfiesting some simple "siddhis" at will,
> > as kindness, compassion, non-defensiveness, non-ownership,
> > imperviousness to insults, non-reactivity, etc. were signs of some
> > "growth" -- albeit perhaps minor -- of consciousness being aware
> > itself for some sustained periods. (Not that these are 24/7
> > characteristics of cc, but as something parallel to "minor
> > can be manifest at will.)
> >
> > I would look to those simple manifestations prior to the
> > of clear ritam and formal siddhis. And I would look for the latter
> > prior to self-claims of enlightenement.
> Indeed. However higher states (rather than "stages") can occur at
> level of growth--it just happens if you experience a higher
> while still in a narcissistic or selfish *stage* you will
> and display that state in the clothes of selfishness and narcissism.

I would say its more like that people's habitual style of behavior
doesn't suddenly transform *during* a brief experience of a higher
stage/state, so regardless of the validity of any terminology we
might use about someone's mode of existence, we're not going to be
able to make judgements about it based on their personality and so on.

Ironically, "lesser" altered states, of the mental illness sort, are
more likely to lead to abrupt and noticeable changes in behavior than
enlightened states are.

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