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> On Apr 23, 2006, at 4:40 PM, anon_couscous_ff wrote:
> > Because its inconvenient? To have some non-subjective
> > non-self-interpreative means to point to higher states?
> >
> > Objective reality gets in the way of some story-tellers -- which
> > them [the stories] form a higher truth than measurement, multi-
> > verification or repeatability.
> >
> > Fred Travis' work is interesting. Though I have not dug that
> > into it. But physiological correlates to higher states and "more
> > refined functioning of the nervous system" has always a theme with
> > MMY, even back in the 60s.
> >
> > Its not clear why many appear so harsh, or negatively reactive
> > MMY's theme of siddhi's performance and higher states. (And I have
> > heard him say it.)
> As was shared on here a while back, even in recent times when
> have claimed enlightenment, the test almost always involved some 
> performance of siddhi.
> Since yogic flying belongs to yoga-darshana, it's only sensible to 
> say that's part of CC a la Patanjali, not Brahmi-chetana (Unity).

Performance of the siddhis during sutra practice may not be brahmi-
chetna, but what of someone who can just spontaneously manifest
any/all of them?

> >
> > Its not clear why Fred and his gear are not invited to Satsangs.
> > he has been. Or maybe its the same propensity for stories over
> > measurement, multi-party verification or repeatability.
> Interesting question!

Fred Travis probably wouldn't be willing to attend due to the
political issues in Fairfield, but there ARE researchers into these
kinds of things, including some with better resources than Fred and
friends, who would be willing to test the Satsang/Deeksha claims if


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