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> wrote:
> > Well, I may not be enlightened, but due to Maharishi's techniques I 
> > have had experiences of the universe that I could not possibly have 
> > through any other way that I know of(except maybe brain damaging 
> > drugs). And, my direct experience, entirely as a result of his 
> > techniques, is that the world we play in is like flotsam floating on 
> > a vast ocean of very intensified bliss energy. It is so powerful, 
> > and it is just below the surface of things, and it threatens to 
> > burst into, and overflow our universe at any time. Such an event 
> > would be so powerful that everyone would be transformed in a matter 
> > of minutes. It would be like the magma under the surface of the 
> > Earth, bursting out and flowing all over the surface...only it would 
> > not be fire, but bliss. I believe this cataclysm is only years, 
> > maybe a few decades away, at most. This is not what I "learned" from 
> > Maharishi, but my direct and very common experience. It is physical, 
> > spiritual, and real. 
> > 
> > OffWorld
> >
> You experience a lot of bliss and ascribe it to be possible only
> through the techniques that MMY has brought out, mainly because those
> techniques are the only ones you have seriously dedicated yourself to
> practise.
> I too experience a lot of bliss in a similar way that you describe,
> but I don't ascribe it solely due to the basic very simple TM
> technique that is the only technique I have learned through the TMO
> and only practised for half a year, as it was taught. Most people who
> have learned this simple technique have benefited very little from it.

And you go so far as to violate a solemn promise you made just so you can teach 
something that people can benefit very  little from?

BTW, how do you know that people have benefited very little from it?

> So it cannot be just the technique. For some reason you give MMY
> credit for something much bigger in which bringing out some simple
> techniques plays just a minor role. Why?

Why do you say that this is so anyway?

> But MMY's role for the values you have adopted is much bigger through
> the belief system you have adopted from him. That is: all we need is
> enough bliss to transform and enlighten the whole world.  The TMO has
> been trying to force it to happen. Trying to force one's belief system
> to become reality is called fundamentalism. But it won't become
> reality, because reality doesn't obey you. In there being more bliss
> now many different sources have been playing an important role. The
> TMO is just one of them. According to my understanding an enlightened
> person could give appreciation to them all.
> Bliss solving all the problems is a belief of your's and MMY's, not
> the reality. And trying to force more bliss to appear has got the TMO
> to resort to the principle `end justify means'. This principle usually
> goes together with forcing and manipulation, and often causes more
> harm than good.
> Bliss is not all that is needed to transform the world. It is one
> ingredient, but not sufficient alone. 

Sure it is. Bliss is based on the functioning of the nervous system. Change the 
system in the right way and you transform a person. Transform enough people and 
transform the world, whether or not the Maharishi Effect works or not.

Seeing it being all that is
> needed is MMY's biggest fallacy. It has justified him dishonest
> behaviour, because for him how his mind operates doesn't matter, only
> bliss matters. His thinking has probably gone in the following routes:
> "Because I'm bringing to the world this absolute bliss, I'm beyond the
> karmic consequences of my gross level behaviour. It is allowed for me
> just to make a powerful impression and manipulate people following me.
> When the bliss transforms the world, I too will be automatically
> purified.What I now do behind the curtains doesn't really matter." 
> Maybe not on the big cosmic scale. He is too small a speck there. But
> for his personal evolution it certainly does, and karma he cannot
> escape.Accepting one's defects and being open with them is in itself
> transformative. Pretending to be something one is not, even if it
> happens in the name of a higher good, is degenerative. This is easy
> to see to be true also for MMY.
> He has been a messenger boy and brought something important to the
> west, as have many other teachers. And many people have benefited from
> his teachings in spite of its weaknesses.

I thought you said m ost people didn't benefit from TM> Which is it?

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