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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. To you, I suppose it would sound like spin. Something

just made up last month by right-wing spinsters, right? If that is

your view, it is totally uniformed. I dealt professionally with CO2

sequestration and its pricing 15 years ago. And even then, it was an

old, established approach to GCC.

Perhaps read a bit on this "new" concept, obviously (to you and the

guys on the grassy knoll) manufactured just for spin.

Well in the kyoto protocols the whole 'carbon sink as forests' 

So does that imply that all the other carbon sequestion / sink

technologies / methods other than forests are fine with you? As they

appear to be with most climate scientists? (Forests are onlyone offour

major sinks.)

What is your specific issue with forests? 

It's not just forests, it's that a sink gives an excuse to emit even more emissions. For every ton of carbon stored in a carbon sink, the Kyoto Protocol allows the release of an additional ton of carbon from fossil fuel!

Makes me wonder if, like our national energy policy, this was also written by the energy industry!

"The argument to use carbon sink credits to halt climate change is thus based on the faulty assumption that 'carbon is carbon', an assumption that ignores the different interactions of the carbon with the atmosphere, depending on where the carbon is stored."

In addition to this basic fallacy, there are further flaws of the concept once we look more closely at the Kyoto Protocol itself. These include the carbon accounting framework of the Kyoto Protocol and environmental and social shortcomings.

The following reports also provide additional information about the problems associated with carbon sinks accounting:

The role of land carbon sinks in mitigating global climate change.
The Royal Society. Policy Document 10/01. http://www.royalsoc.ac.uk/files/statfiles/document-150.pdf

Full Carbon Account for Russia
IIASA Interim Report IR-00-02. http://www.iiasa.ac.at/Publications/Documents/IR-00-021.pdf

Taking Credit.

Sinks in the Kyoto Protocol: A dirty deal for forests, forest peoples and the climate

The Carbon Shop: Planting new problems


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