Your question was whether John Lennon might have been right, after 
all, when he suggested that he had been made a fool of.
It is a good question and on reflection and seeing how the topic is 
now about whether or not the bungalow was grand (by local standards 
it most certainly was) or whether there was a helipad (there was a 
landing spot closeby 'Mararshi' kutir').
Really Lennon was 'unstressing', as Vaj rightly points out, and was 
looking for targets for his rage against Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who 
he felt had overstretched himself in teaching about a state of cosmic 
consciousness, yet apparently not even understand why John Lennon 
wanted out.
And Yes, MMY took everyone for a ride though it was not in a 
helicopter but on the magic carpets of their imaginations which he 
fed with anything that came into to his head. I think history will 
see him as a false prophet, but to his credit he did get people 
thinking about the topic of meditation. But is mumbling the names of 
gods really meditation. I always thought meditation was letting go 
and savouring the inner silence of no-thoughts, and I learned that 
from my TM teacher in Maharishi's kutir, near the helipad, 
Jai Guru Deva.

--- In, Robert Gimbel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> I was just thinking, to myself?
>   Was John Lennon right, when he wrote the line:
>   "Maharishi...
>   What have you done?
>   You made a fool of everyone..."
>   "We gave you everything,
>   Just to sit at your table,
>   And you turned out to be just like everyone?
>   Maharishi, what have you done?"
>   I love(d), Mr. Lennon, and his wonderful genius.
>   I also love Maharishi, and his wonderful genius.
>   R. G.  
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