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> > The options Judy lays out is that everyone must either accept 
> > MMY's claim that he is a "great rishi" and an authentic yogi 
> > and address him such or they're being disrepectful of him.  
> > To simply not view him as a great rishi, which according the 
> > spiritual texts I've read is quite an exclusive title, without 
> > any disrespect is not an option.  This is a version of "if 
> > you're not with us, you're against us".  It's the common 
> > attitude of authoritarian communities.  
> That's a little harsh, Mark. After all, these are certified
> "anti-TMers" Judy is talking about who refer to MMY that 
> way. We know this is true because she said it.
> It would only be "authoritarian" if these were real human
> beings, with feelings, who deserve respect. But since that
> is clearly not the case, those who know the Truth are
> entitled to treat them with disrespect when they treat
> MMY with disrespect by referring to him by his given name,
> as if he were a normal human being. The noive of such
> infidels...
> > To call MMY a bad name is disrespectful, to call him by his 
> > actual name is not.
> Just wait until they come up with an offical title for 
> Certified TM Apologist. I've heard that it will be some-
> thing like Upholder Of Natural Law. Then if you don't use
> that title here on FFL for those upon which it has been 
> conferred, you too will be deemed disrespectful and will 
> have earned your own title as an Official Anti-TMer.  :-)

Oh please. We debated this long and hard over on Wikipedia. Even Andrew Skolnik 
that the proper way to refer to a public flgure is with the name that 99.999% 
of the public 
knows him by. I.E., "Maharishi Mahesh Yogi," or "Maharishi."

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