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> > > What tradition conferred the title "Maharshi" on
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> > A saint, a muni IIRC.
> I asked what *tradition* conferred the title.

No tradition or commitee. Shri Kvya Kantha Ganapati Muni  was a
remarkeable young pundit, poet, vedic scholar, and one of the early
disciples of RM. One of the early books on Ramana, the Ramana Gita was
composed by him.In graditute of finding his master, he composed the
Uma Sahasranam, the thousand verses to the Divine Mother. As a wor-
shipper of the Divine Mother, he was a tantric. And he believed Ramana
to be an Avatar of Kartikeya.

 Wow. Thanks Trin. Very, very cool. __._,_.___

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