--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "Ingegerd"
> I have some notes from 9th February 1970, where MMY talks about the 
> start of SRM, the notes is written from a Audio Tape:
> "When Guru Dev left his body I retired to the Himalayas where Guru 
> Dev had met his Guru Dev. I felt I should go to Ramesh Waroom 

Rameshvaram -one of the 12 Jyotirlingams, dedicated to Shiva

- I 
> asked the saints. One was 90 years old. This was for me, after the 
> Himalayas like stepping into mud. He advised against going. I 
> decided to forget the trip. I went to Kungakumari - 

Kanyakumari - dedicated to Durga in the form of a virgin

I had a divine 
> revalation. I left and went to Tivendrum,

Trivandrum, now Thiruvananthapuram, Capital of Kerala

 to the biggest temple.

Guruvayur - a famous Krishna temple

> was followed by a man and he asked me to speak about the Himalayas - 
> he arranged a 7 day lecture program and he supplied the topics. In 6 
> months I was lecturing in Dehli. At this stage I had never initiated 
> anyone. When I got to Hardwar the philosophy had become clear - to 
> turn the mind inward was easy! The message was readily accepted. I 
> went to Kashmir and then to Bombay for the 89th birthday 
> celebrations for Guru Dev. I held a 3 day seminar in Madras on 
> saintly luminaries. At the end I said "I think this meditation can 
> spiritually regenerate the world". During the applause I felt I 
> should start a world movement. I announced it spontaneously. After a 
> 6 months tour of south India I calculated at this rate it would take 
> 200 years.............".
> Ingegerd

That's basically the short version, similar to what I heard on my TTC.
The 'vision' I was talking about happened before, somewhere maybe in
Andhra Pradesh, at some devotees house. Its a long way to the south
from the Himalayas, and it took MMY several month to get there.

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