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> > > Bill  Maher did a bit on his show this week about converting to 
> Islam.
> >  > Unlike, say, Judaism which is a long, drawn out affair if you 
> to
> > > convert to it -- you gott take classes, study the  religion, 
etc. --
> > > according to Islam you just say two sentences  and you're in!
> > > 
> > ³There is no God but Allah and Muhammad  is his prophet.²
> > 
> > Surely true on some level.
> Well, it's  true, the Jews do seem to complicate things (I'm 
Jewish, so 
> I can say  that)...
> But Jesus, who evolved Jewish thought: 
> His message of love and  forgiveness, conquering all;
> And:
> According to most of the Christians  and especially the Billy 
> type evangelist's say, from my experience  say the same thing;
> That you just have to except Jesus as the Son of G*d,  who died for 
> your sins, 
> And,
> Accept Jesus into your heart, and  that's it: simple...
> Funny how we fight wars over this stuff;
> Or maybe  not so funny?
> R.G.
> Robert, I don't think that many wars have been fought over
> such a  simplistic idea as my God is better than your God,
> at least in recent times.  Usually the matter is political
> or ethnic and the people on the opposite  sides of the 
> political spectrum just happen to be of different religious
> backgrounds thus it is perceived as a religious war. Religion
> only tends to  galvanize the underlying causes of the tension.

Well put.

> Your assessment of  what it  takes to be a 
> Christian is also a bit simplistic as well. While praying the  
> Sinners Prayer, admitting to God that you are a sinner and
> asking Christ to  atone for your sins and come into your heart
> and guide your life, is only the  beginning

Some flavors of Christianity don't even require
that.  There's a liberal nondenominational church
in NYC where all you have to do is say "Yes" to the
statement, "Jesus Christ is Lord," in front of the
congregation, and presto, you're a Christian in
their eyes.

But as you go on to point out, it's expected that
you will do your best to *follow* Christ after having
made that affirmation.

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