Thanks for the info. I'm not reading FELVtalk that much lately, but I think unless these are FELV cats, this sort of thing is pretty Off Topic, controversial, and better for a different list, I'd think.

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On Nov 19, 2007, at 10:03 AM, Susan Dubose wrote:

Hello, just thought you would like to see this.

Please click onto
if you REALLY want to help the cats.

Susan DuBose

Sheila Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I attended the hearings today. I saw the video and listened to the court testimony. The video showed the contents of her house. Formed fecal material along with diarrhea and other elimination products coated the house. I have never witnessed anything such as what I saw today. The house was filthy, trash, litter, something you see on Animal Cops and nothing I can ever get you to visualize with mere words. I do not think you could walk two steps without walking in stool. It was everywhere. On the stair steps, on just about every surface you could see. The video showed many cats, most with obvious URI and /or other illnesses. There was an obese cat under the sink, who later (it was testified) “drank for several minutes when it was offered water and drug itself on its belly to get to the food offered it when it was taken to Town Lake. The cat died during the night and was found dead the next morning” Lab results showed the cat died from hepatic lipidosis. It left TLAC seven weeks ago at 23 pounds and was found to be at 18 pounds on intake at this time. The only water available to it according to testimony was the filthy water in the toilet which the cat was too weak to get to. (This cats name I believe was Mia) The dead cat in the closet was said to be there aprox two months according to expert witness. The animal was barely identifiable and had melded into the carpet and was completely desiccated. When told of the findings in her closet, according to testimony, Kelly Saveika said, “ I wondered what happened to that cat…” I could go on and on and on, but suffice to say, this was horrendous. This is not about a messy house, or things getting a little out of control. This is about a horrendous situation where animals suffered and died. This is about animals that lived in a situation that was enabled by anyone that knew about this and said nothing. I am SO sick of rescue people that defend rescue people and blame everyone else for the situation they created. WHO is speaking for the animals?. I would honestly rather see these animals humanely euthanized than to live in the conditions I saw them living in. For people to blame TLAC for this is ludicrous. I personally do not want to hear one more person say “poor Kelly” or hear how the Rescue community supports this org. All I can think of is who was with that poor cat as it lay dying? Who supported Willa ???? Anyone who sat through that video and can still justify what they saw, well……

Unfortunately the judge allowed her to keep three of her personal cats. This is not gossip or rumor. This is part of the testimony presented today and is part of a public record.

And this.............

Can you believe this (portion after Jerry's quote)? Kelley Saveika is positioning herself as an "expert" less than 48 hours after her hearing! I assume she was convicted of animal cruelty because they confiscated her "rescue" cats...

She says, among other things, "I think I mentioned this before but I study these things and go to conferences to learn how to get to no kill, or very very close to no kill."

This from a woman who had a dead cat in her closet for two months and a cat dying from neglect under her sink?

She makes my skin crawl................

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> On 18 Nov 2007 at 7:36, Toni Liguori wrote:
> > Unfortunately, I think that to get the city to listen at all,
Nathan's name
> > has to be completely omitted from any proposal.
> I think that's an excellent idea. His proposals are winners, but the
> himself is so confrontational that his presence immediately polarizes
> discussion. We need to press for the programs and leave the
> out of it.
There are some other people who are not so polarizing who are making
great strides. Barbara Carr's shelter in Erie County NY killed only 88
cats and 0 dogs last year. She has an amazing offsite adoption
program. I think I mentioned this before but I study these things and
go to conferences to learn how to get to no kill, or very very close to
no kill. I hate to think of 88 cats being killed but compare that to

I adore Nathan Winograd, but I don't care if people use his name. What
is important is for people in power to buy into the concept that it is
not OK to kill animals. As long as people think it is ok to kill
animals, we're just spinning our wheels (IMHO, yadda yadda).

Then again we can always get some different/better people in power:)

Kelley Saveika

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