first of all, as usual, susan's posts have nothing to do with FeLV. i
sincerely ache for the people who have just gotten a diagnosis, and have to
wade through all of this.

every single case that ever hits the news says, "the worst case we've ever
seen!" those of us who actually do the work recognize the catch phrase. i've
seen what the a/c team did to her house in the name of "protecting cats,"
too--wanna see THEM?

"we're not sure if there were any working toilets in the house." um, isn't
that pretty easy to check? that little LEVER near the top?

and who turned these neonates, that no other rescue in austin would take,
into this "pit of squalor," susan? folks might like to hear the answer to

"of course they look better?" after ten days in a shelter? and you say
you're a RESCUER??????? no cat, EVER, looks better after coming out of a
shelter. the persian on the austin humane society page demonstrates what
anyone involved in persian rescue knows--they do HORRIBLY in shelters. and
his eye condition? rare in cats, it's called cherry-eye, and he came INTO
the shelter with it, it's on his intake records, and both his owner's vet
and dr samon told kelley that it wasn't bothering him, and was not at a
stage where it required intervention.

people, please think before you jump to conclusions: remember susan's
attacks on other groups she had no knowledge of, and other members of the
group. ask questions of the people who've seen the emails from the shelter,
and the vet bills, and know about the history of rescue in this community.
you can find it, because it's out there.

for help in determining where the agenda is, with permission i'm including
an email sent to kelley last night from sheila smith. mia was NOT an it, she
was a she, a big calico who was owner-surrendered at 12.5 years of age.
think things through.

From: Sheila Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Nov 18, 2007 6:33 PM
Subject: RE: [centraltexasrescue] Candle for Mia
To: Kelley Saveika <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

You are sickening. I am about to rip your ass apart with this crap. You
starved Mia and it had no choice but to die to get away from you. I am
watching you Kelly and the first misstep I can prove, I am on you like you
know what on what.
work on changing the laws, on saving the cats, NOT on trashing one another.
that's it from me.



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