And why is it on this list?
  I would ask the moderator to declare a moratorium on this topic.  It has 
nothing to do with FeLV and has degenerated into a flaming war.

MaryChristine <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  glenda, dear, exactly who and what gives you permission to post things that 
are supposedly private communications to me? 

  On Dec 12, 2007 11:47 AM, glenda Goodman < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>   From: Sheila Smith 
>   Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2007 7:28 PM
>   Subject: Fwd: Kelly Saveika hearing..........
>   I just saw this post. Oh well, I am going to let
> it slide b/c I have bigger fish to fry, but... you
> are very good at cut and paste.  I  mean you managed 
> the gist of it ok..  I AM watching you. Remember ARC
> in Midlothian, Tx and the hundreds of cats that
> suffered and died in the name of "rescue"?  Years of
> being tied up in court and $40K later, but it was 
> the best money I ever spent b/c it was FOR the
> animals.
>   I thought if there are still any open minded
> people still left on this list you would like to
> know the disposition of some of the fifteen cats we 
> rescued.
>   Five have been adopted including one (Cinderella)
> I adopted myself and two that were adopted by Susan,
>  six are going to barn placement, two will go to
> Best Friends, two are still too weak to place and 
> are recovering from the effects of poor nutrition
> and dehydration (one of which had to have surgery)
> according to their veterinarian- although their
> prognosis is now good.
>   On another note, I really do hope you all do go 
> back to the focus of feline leukemia. I think this
> group must have had great focus at one time- I
> joined initially b/c I thought it did and b/c I felt
> I had a lot to offer the group b/c of my extensive 
> experience w/ feline leukemia and b/c of my husbands
> participation in national boards. etc.  I was
> excited to hear from other people across the country
> that had experience with feline leukemia. 
>   I really do hope the very best for all of you and
> I hope you all do really good things for the animals
> in your care. I hope you all will remember this
> though. You are the animals advocate. You are not 
> the caretaker's advocate at the end of the day.
> While we all wish good things for the caretakers and
> we worry about anyone burning out and we offer
> mentoring, guidance and help, in the end there are 
> multiple resources for people. There are nurses,
> doctors, mental health experts, counseling. you name
> it. BUT.. For the animals they abused, there is only
> YOU.
>   You are bound to speak for THEM- the dead cats in 
> the closets- no one else will.
>   Best,
>   Sheila Smith
>   Austin, Tx

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