Does this have anything to do with FELV?

I think not.

FYI, there were NO starving NOR dehydrated cats at my house.  The $300 food
bill per month speaks to that.  I don't know what may have happened to them
while in TLAC's care, but while in my care they were well fed and had access
to plenty of water.

My cats received prompt medical care for any issues they had.  There were
some who were being treated at the time they were seized, and to my
knowledge they did not get their medications while at TLAC, nor did my kitty
with a heart murmur get her lasix nor any of her other supplements.

It is highly, highly unethical to place housecats in barn placements.
They've never lived outside and have no defenses against anything that may
happen to them out there.  They will probably lead short, terrified lives
now, when they were perfectly happy here.

It is also poor netiquette to post private emails to a public list.  It
would seem especially foolish to post a threatening one.  Why is Sheila
after this person?  Because this person knows the truth, I'll warrant.

If anyone has any further questions about my situation, I'll be happy to
answer them via private email.  This list is for FELV talk and it is not
fair to the newbies to have to wade through all this crap when they probably
are finding us because they have cats who are recently diagnosed and are in

Kelley Saveika
Founder, Rescuties Animal Rescue
Austin, TX

On Dec 12, 2007 10:47 AM, glenda Goodman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

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> >   From: Sheila Smith
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> >   Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2007 7:28 PM
> >   Subject: Fwd: Kelly Saveika hearing..........
> >
> >   I just saw this post. Oh well, I am going to let
> > it slide b/c I have bigger fish to fry, but... you
> > are very good at cut and paste.  I  mean you managed
> > the gist of it ok..  I AM watching you. Remember ARC
> > in Midlothian, Tx and the hundreds of cats that
> > suffered and died in the name of "rescue"?  Years of
> > being tied up in court and $40K later, but it was
> > the best money I ever spent b/c it was FOR the
> > animals.
> >
> >   I thought if there are still any open minded
> > people still left on this list you would like to
> > know the disposition of some of the fifteen cats we
> > rescued.
> >   Five have been adopted including one (Cinderella)
> > I adopted myself and two that were adopted by Susan,
> >  six are going to barn placement, two will go to
> > Best Friends, two are still too weak to place and
> > are recovering from the effects of poor nutrition
> > and dehydration (one of which had to have surgery)
> > according to their veterinarian- although their
> > prognosis is now good.
> >
> >   On another note, I really do hope you all do go
> > back to the focus of feline leukemia. I think this
> > group must have had great focus at one time- I
> > joined initially b/c I thought it did and b/c I felt
> > I had a lot to offer the group b/c of my extensive
> > experience w/ feline leukemia and b/c of my husbands
> > participation in national boards. etc.  I was
> > excited to hear from other people across the country
> > that had experience with feline leukemia.
> >   I really do hope the very best for all of you and
> > I hope you all do really good things for the animals
> > in your care. I hope you all will remember this
> > though. You are the animals advocate. You are not
> > the caretaker's advocate at the end of the day.
> > While we all wish good things for the caretakers and
> > we worry about anyone burning out and we offer
> > mentoring, guidance and help, in the end there are
> > multiple resources for people. There are nurses,
> > doctors, mental health experts, counseling. you name
> > it. BUT.. For the animals they abused, there is only
> > YOU.
> >
> >   You are bound to speak for THEM- the dead cats in
> > the closets- no one else will.
> >
> >   Best,
> >
> >   Sheila Smith
> >
> >   Austin, Tx
> >
> >
> >
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