Well we have these problems here too and when AC raids a house and it is on the news they show actual footage of the inside to back up what they are saying. Since this wasn't done in this case I have to have reservations that AC was probably exaggerating what they actually saw, believe me the news loves these kinds of horror stories and has NO problem showing just how bad it is so it probably wasn't as bad as foul mouth Sheila told you, but since your friends I understand you taking her every word as gospel.

Also when I die and have to face myself and all the things I did here, there aren't going to be too many I will have to feel bad about so I sleep pretty good thank you.

I wonder how Sheilas vet husband feels about her foul mouth tearing apart fest of people you two don't like??

I must say it puts a bad light on him but I guess he doesn't care or doesn't know. Not very professional of either of them in my opinion.


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