I'm a little less worried about FIV, despite what the vet said, b/c I knew this 
about the bite wounds.  And none of my cats fight like that- ever.  Plus, by 
the time I took in the wimpy, frail, undernourished (anorexic) guys, they are 
so "slow" they don't even "play" fight.  All were neutered at 2 lbs too so 
these little dudes don't even know they are male and don't have an aggressive 
streak to save their lives!  So I've been trying to funnel this info to my mom 
to keep her from freaking out.  Her cat Tally is fully vaccinated b/c she 
wanted Tally to have her Felv vaccines back when Monkee and I would come over 
to spend the night during holidays (last christmas...sigh- it's been a rough 
one without that little booger).  Tally and Monkee hated each other so they 
never ever had contact and they took turns being out in the house- but my mom 
wanted Tally all protected just in case we ever had an accident where one 
escaped from their room while the other was out (we never did).  Tally has 
never met the sickly fosters b/c she doesn't want to, so we don't torture her- 
she has the house and they have their room.  And my other personal cat, Izzee, 
who now has the run of the house with Tally- they never touch other cats-- they 
don't like them- so they don't associate with the fosters/kittens.  Tally and 
Izzee hang out together, but they don't even touch each other.  It's actually 
really funny, but at least I know there is no fighting/biting going on in this 
house at all.  Monkee was the only one that would have done that and that is 
why he was my only cat while I had him...which is why I always said it was no 
wonder he got Felv-- little fighter that he was!

Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2007 15:23:27 -0500From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: [EMAIL 
PROTECTED]: Re: Archiveshere's the short answer:FIV is almost always 
transmitted through DEEP, PENETRATING BITES (the kind that boy cats inflict in 
testosterone-fueled rages when fighting over girl cats--which is why almost all 
FIV are boys.....) it's NOT air-borne, water-borne, feces-borner. ie, it's not 
really a problem once a cat is neutered; considering this cat is ill and 
probably not mingling much, i expect he's not off taking bites out of people. 
FIP is not contagious, it's a MUTATION of one of the strains of FeCoV--corona 
virus, which, in most species, is the common cold. no way to predict in which 
cat the virus will mutate, tho there is evidence of a genetic predisposition, 
something that doesn't often come into consideration in rescue/situations. the 
information on what FIP is, and the value of what tests exist (and the very 
fact that there IS a highly effective, CHEAP test out there), has generally NOT 
reached the veterinary population--the lack of knowledge is very similar to 
that with FeLV, except that many cats are killed because they've been exposed 
to corona itself, in most cases a completely harmless virus. (human SARS is 
thought, last i heard, to be the people equivalent of FIP--a mutation that was 

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