Also, Caroline, treatment of FIV is a walk in the park compared with
treatment of FeLV.  Generally FIV+ cats have a much better prognosis than
FeLV+ ones, and are less sickly.  An FIV+ cat has a good chance at a normal
lifespan with the routine good food and vet care.
Sorry you're so stressed.  Hopefully the excellent advice so far has
lessened your fears.
Diane R.


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here's the short answer:

FIV is almost always transmitted through DEEP, PENETRATING BITES (the kind
that boy cats inflict in testosterone-fueled rages when fighting over girl
cats--which is why almost all FIV are boys.....) it's NOT air-borne,
water-borne, feces-borner. ie, it's not really a problem once a cat is
neutered; considering this cat is ill and probably not mingling much, i
expect he's not off taking bites out of people. 

FIP is not contagious, it's a MUTATION of one of the strains of
FeCoV--corona virus, which, in most species, is the common cold. no way to
predict in which cat the virus will mutate, tho there is evidence of a
genetic predisposition, something that doesn't often come into consideration
in rescue/situations. the information on what FIP is, and the value of what
tests exist (and the very fact that there IS a highly effective, CHEAP test
out there), has generally NOT reached the veterinary population--the lack of
knowledge is very similar to that with FeLV, except that many cats are
killed because they've been exposed to corona itself, in most cases a
completely harmless virus. (human SARS is thought, last i heard, to be the
people equivalent of FIP--a mutation that was deadly.) 


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