It is a really good sign he is feeling better though, no?

Sorry about the problems with the subq fluids.

On Dec 25, 2007 7:15 PM, Caroline Kaufmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> I know he wanted to run a full blood panel so maybe that is why?  He wants
> to look at the thyroid- altho he said he doubted it was that; liver, wbc,
> rbc, platelets, etc., you name it.  Like I said, it was my first time seeing
> this vet and so we working on building rapport, at the same time treating
> this cat and the office was also pretty crazy that day- pretty frantic.
> Let me tell you tho, I gave the cat his subcu fluids today and it was, uh,
> h*ll.  My 19 yo cat got subcu fluids the last year of his life and altho I
> never administered it on him, I have no doubt it was NOTHING like giving
> fluids to a fully awake, 6 mth old kitten who's been "trapped" in his crate
> all day, already feeling 10 times better apparently and raring to go!  Let
> me note the tech showed me how to do it yesterday when the cat was still
> knocked out from havin the blood drawn!  So, it sucked, but I managed, but
> not without first getting a lot of the iv fluid all over him and myself!
> It's obvious tho that he feels so much better's kind of weird.
> He wants to take off and run around the house like a crazy man and I'm like,
> you have a fluid bump little man...and it's leaking!  We're not running
> around the house leaking fluid!
> caroline
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> To:
> Subject: Re: Archives
> Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2007 17:16:43 -0600
> I certainly agree with that.  Fiv is easy - I have several FIV cats, that
> never get sick.  Well, I have 1 that's just turned diabetic, but other than
> that, no problem.  I mix them with my non-FIV cats, no problem.
> FIP, another question, like she said.  They can test for FIV/FELV
> in-house, so I'm wondering why they didnt do that.  The FIP test is really
> for the corona virus, which, like she said, is pretty common among cats,
> especially shelter cats, it's just that in some cats it mutates and causes
> FIP.
> Gloria
>  On Dec 25, 2007, at 2:22 PM, Kelley Saveika wrote:
>  Hi Caroline,
> I can't tell you about the archives, but I can tell you about FIP and FIV.
> FIP is a rare mutation of a coronavirus that almost all cats that have
> been around other cats, shelter cats, etc have been exposed to.  One of my
> vets puts the exposure rate to coronavirus at 95% at our local pound.  So
> please DO NOT worry about contagion if the cat has FIP.  It is a mutation.
> In the past it was thought that there wasn't a way to diagnose FIP without
> necropsy, but there are a couple of tests - these do not include the
> coronavirus titer test, which in and of itself means basically nothing.
> There is a good webinar about FIP on the Petsmart charities site, if you
> really want to spend your Christmas listening to a webinar on FIP.   But in
> and of itself it IS NOT contagious.  Coronavirus is contagious and it is
> likely that every cat in your house has been exposed to coronavirus.
> FIV is much harder to transmit than FELV.  It is mostly transmitted
> through tomcats fighting and/or cats mating.  If this is a tomcat and he has
> been fighting, he may have it, but unless he were to bite another cat in
> your household I would absolutely not worry.  THe other thing about FIV is
> that there is an FIV vaccine, which once you have your cat vaccinated with
> he will always test + for FIV.  There's a seperate test that purports to
> determine if the + result is from but you have to send the blood to a
> well-renowned university - I want to say it is UC Davis, but not quite
> sure.  You don't say how old this cat is, but kittens can test FIV+ from
> maternal antibodies until about 6 months.
> IF you can send me a picture of the spay site I might be able to help you
> there.  A little ooziness is normal.  I may actually have follow up
> instructions on my computer I can send you, I will check.
> Feel free to call me if you like.
> On Dec 25, 2007 2:02 PM, Caroline Kaufmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> wrote:
> I can't access the Archives.  I keep trying and I keep getting an error
> message.  It's not my internet service, obviously, or I wouldn't be able to
> send this email.  Anyone else tried?
> I'd really like to get to the Archives because I took a cat into my home
> that I took from the store on Sat. because he looked horrible and no one
> else is doing anything about it (of course).  Took him to the doctor
> yesterday (had to *fight* to get approval to even do that and the cat is
> obviously sickly looking- I'm so frustrated), and the vet is very concerned
> about "infectious disease."  Thank god- but I think he was shocked that the
> cat hasn't been treated yet, so I made it very very clear that I just got my
> hands on this cat and have been playing "clean-up duty" since the end of
> Aug. on these orphaned Metro AC June babies and that the group I VOLUNTEER
> FOR has made my self-appointed task of cleaning up their neglected messes,
> very very difficult.  I didn't mince words.  It was Christmas Eve and I
> spent 2 hours and 15 mins at the vets and NOT being able to work and I just
> cracked I guess.
> The vet is suspecting- based only on the physical exam b/c we won't get
> the blood tests (full panel) back on Wed. (hopefully)-- FIP, FIV, and/or
> Felv in that order.  I am not so worried about Felv b/c I have dealt with
> that before and I just don't think it's transmitted that easily in
> non-fighting cats (my own opinion).  But I have never dealt with FIP and FIV
> and this cat was mingled with my other fosters by the adoption agency I
> volunteer for before I ever even took in any cats.  So basically I am
> freaking out that I may have FIP cats on my hands and not have known it b/c
> of course I am now wondering if that is what has been wrong with my weak
> little Possum cat all this time.  I'm mad and scared and feel like I was
> asked to take in cats yet not given the resources to deal with them
> fully and protect them from each other; not to mention the caring for them
> with 2 hands tied behind my back b/c to get approval to take them to a vet
> (for the agency to pay for it) takes more arguing and hoop jumping-- the cat
> has to be practically dying to be able to get approval without being told
> things like "well, if it would make YOU feel better...but I think you are
> overreacting."  And I spent literally hundreds of dollars premium food and
> litter that I just don't have any money left over to rush cats out to vets
> and pay for it myself.  I'm just sick over this.  I'm trying to care for
> this little guy until we get the results back.  I have to give him fluids-
> which I have never done and he's a fighter.  He got fluids yesterday at the
> clinic, but he was still somewhat sedated from when they took his blood, so
> I am sure my attempt today will not go half as smooth.  He's not happy about
> being in a crate in a room by himself either and it breaks my heart.
> So I wanted to look through the archives because I know FIP and FIV have
> been discussed before.
> Also, of my 3 barn kittens (totally separated from the other fosters- so
> don't worry about that), I have one now who's little spay site seems a tad
> oozy.  Nothing scary scary like blood or a lot of fluid, but it just doesn't
> look totally right.  Not that I know what totally right looks like tho
> because I've never had a kitten this young spayed and I wasn't really given
> any follow-up care instructions- just been using my own common sense.  But
> of course, I am worried.  And of course, it's Christmas and that makes it
> very hard to call and ask anyone!
> Caroline
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