FIV cats generally have normal life span. I believe what normally causes their 
demise is dental issues. Deep bites is how FIV is transmitted to other cats, so 
an FIV cat can live with FIV negatives as long as it's a peaceful home. I could 
never bring one here because my cats fight and are particularly intolerant of 
new cats I've tried to introduce. sigh.
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  Yes, FIV cats don't typically have too much of a shortened lifespan - they 
may need dental cleanings more often.

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    Also, Caroline, treatment of FIV is a walk in the park compared with 
treatment of FeLV.  Generally FIV+ cats have a much better prognosis than FeLV+ 
ones, and are less sickly.  An FIV+ cat has a good chance at a normal lifespan 
with the routine good food and vet care. 

    Sorry you're so stressed.  Hopefully the excellent advice so far has 
lessened your fears.

    Diane R.

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    here's the short answer:

    FIV is almost always transmitted through DEEP, PENETRATING BITES (the kind 
that boy cats inflict in testosterone-fueled rages when fighting over girl 
cats--which is why almost all FIV are boys.....) it's NOT air-borne, 
water-borne, feces-borner. ie, it's not really a problem once a cat is 
neutered; considering this cat is ill and probably not mingling much, i expect 
he's not off taking bites out of people. 

    FIP is not contagious, it's a MUTATION of one of the strains of 
FeCoV--corona virus, which, in most species, is the common cold. no way to 
predict in which cat the virus will mutate, tho there is evidence of a genetic 
predisposition, something that doesn't often come into consideration in 
rescue/situations. the information on what FIP is, and the value of what tests 
exist (and the very fact that there IS a highly effective, CHEAP test out 
there), has generally NOT reached the veterinary population--the lack of 
knowledge is very similar to that with FeLV, except that many cats are killed 
because they've been exposed to corona itself, in most cases a completely 
harmless virus. (human SARS is thought, last i heard, to be the people 
equivalent of FIP--a mutation that was deadly.) 

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