Hi Caroline,

I can't tell you about the archives, but I can tell you about FIP and FIV.

FIP is a rare mutation of a coronavirus that almost all cats that have been
around other cats, shelter cats, etc have been exposed to.  One of my vets
puts the exposure rate to coronavirus at 95% at our local pound.  So please
DO NOT worry about contagion if the cat has FIP.  It is a mutation.  In the
past it was thought that there wasn't a way to diagnose FIP without
necropsy, but there are a couple of tests - these do not include the
coronavirus titer test, which in and of itself means basically nothing.
There is a good webinar about FIP on the Petsmart charities site, if you
really want to spend your Christmas listening to a webinar on FIP.   But in
and of itself it IS NOT contagious.  Coronavirus is contagious and it is
likely that every cat in your house has been exposed to coronavirus.

FIV is much harder to transmit than FELV.  It is mostly transmitted through
tomcats fighting and/or cats mating.  If this is a tomcat and he has been
fighting, he may have it, but unless he were to bite another cat in your
household I would absolutely not worry.  THe other thing about FIV is that
there is an FIV vaccine, which once you have your cat vaccinated with he
will always test + for FIV.  There's a seperate test that purports to
determine if the + result is from but you have to send the blood to a
well-renowned university - I want to say it is UC Davis, but not quite
sure.  You don't say how old this cat is, but kittens can test FIV+ from
maternal antibodies until about 6 months.

IF you can send me a picture of the spay site I might be able to help you
there.  A little ooziness is normal.  I may actually have follow up
instructions on my computer I can send you, I will check.

Feel free to call me if you like.

On Dec 25, 2007 2:02 PM, Caroline Kaufmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> I can't access the Archives.  I keep trying and I keep getting an error
> message.  It's not my internet service, obviously, or I wouldn't be able to
> send this email.  Anyone else tried?
> I'd really like to get to the Archives because I took a cat into my home
> that I took from the store on Sat. because he looked horrible and no one
> else is doing anything about it (of course).  Took him to the doctor
> yesterday (had to *fight* to get approval to even do that and the cat is
> obviously sickly looking- I'm so frustrated), and the vet is very concerned
> about "infectious disease."  Thank god- but I think he was shocked that the
> cat hasn't been treated yet, so I made it very very clear that I just got my
> hands on this cat and have been playing "clean-up duty" since the end of
> Aug. on these orphaned Metro AC June babies and that the group I VOLUNTEER
> FOR has made my self-appointed task of cleaning up their neglected messes,
> very very difficult.  I didn't mince words.  It was Christmas Eve and I
> spent 2 hours and 15 mins at the vets and NOT being able to work and I just
> cracked I guess.
> The vet is suspecting- based only on the physical exam b/c we won't get
> the blood tests (full panel) back on Wed. (hopefully)-- FIP, FIV, and/or
> Felv in that order.  I am not so worried about Felv b/c I have dealt with
> that before and I just don't think it's transmitted that easily in
> non-fighting cats (my own opinion).  But I have never dealt with FIP and FIV
> and this cat was mingled with my other fosters by the adoption agency I
> volunteer for before I ever even took in any cats.  So basically I am
> freaking out that I may have FIP cats on my hands and not have known it b/c
> of course I am now wondering if that is what has been wrong with my weak
> little Possum cat all this time.  I'm mad and scared and feel like I was
> asked to take in cats yet not given the resources to deal with them
> fully and protect them from each other; not to mention the caring for them
> with 2 hands tied behind my back b/c to get approval to take them to a vet
> (for the agency to pay for it) takes more arguing and hoop jumping-- the cat
> has to be practically dying to be able to get approval without being told
> things like "well, if it would make YOU feel better...but I think you are
> overreacting."  And I spent literally hundreds of dollars premium food and
> litter that I just don't have any money left over to rush cats out to vets
> and pay for it myself.  I'm just sick over this.  I'm trying to care for
> this little guy until we get the results back.  I have to give him fluids-
> which I have never done and he's a fighter.  He got fluids yesterday at the
> clinic, but he was still somewhat sedated from when they took his blood, so
> I am sure my attempt today will not go half as smooth.  He's not happy about
> being in a crate in a room by himself either and it breaks my heart.
> So I wanted to look through the archives because I know FIP and FIV have
> been discussed before.
> Also, of my 3 barn kittens (totally separated from the other fosters- so
> don't worry about that), I have one now who's little spay site seems a tad
> oozy.  Nothing scary scary like blood or a lot of fluid, but it just doesn't
> look totally right.  Not that I know what totally right looks like tho
> because I've never had a kitten this young spayed and I wasn't really given
> any follow-up care instructions- just been using my own common sense.  But
> of course, I am worried.  And of course, it's Christmas and that makes it
> very hard to call and ask anyone!
> Caroline
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