Okay, that helps a lot.  Yeah, you could tell he felt pretty "crappy" on Monday 
when he saw the vet.  I knew that, the techs knew that, the vet knew that, the 
cat knew that!  But he really "rallied" so much the very next day and he no 
longer feels crappy.  It's more behavioral now where he's pissed about being 
segregated in his pitiful crate in the downstairs and he knows there's buddies 
upstairs to play with and he's NOT happy about it.  But physically, he looks so 
much better.  His coat is already smoother and shiny and just feels so much 
better-- it's really kind of freaky.  
I will order some of those needles because I am NOT doing it with that horrible 
needle anymore.  I was telling people about it (people who don't do this work) 
and I'm like, "you don't understand my pain!" b/c this needle is huge!  When I 
had to give Monkee his subcu epogen, it was with this teeny tiny little needle 
and that little beefcake- even being as sick as he was- didn't even feel it.  
But this needle is horrible.  It pains me to stick him with it.  And he manages 
to get his back leg up and pull it out with a foot (and I know he knows exactly 
what he's doing!) and then we have to start over again...so I'm not putting 
"us" through that tonight.  I think we will both be better off...
caroline > Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 18:56:02 -0800> From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]> To: 
felvtalk@felineleukemia.org> Subject: Re: OT: sick 6 mo kitten follow-up> > 
Caroline,> Fred gets fluids everyday and I bet your vet gave you those monster 
> size 18 gauge needles called kitty harpoons on the CRF site. You can > order 
size 20 gauge terumo needles from > 
http://thrivingpets.com/products/item-detail.php?formStockId=392N1, I > order 
Fred's here. They are very sharp and a whole lot smaller than the > kitty 
harpoons, most cats tolerate them very well, since they are very > sharp they 
go in very nicely. It does take a bit longer for the fluids > to go through but 
since it doesn't hurt Fred is fine with it. Fred was > a terror when we started 
fluids, he would bite me, he has been getting > them for about a year and a 
half now and is doing really well. The > thing about dehydration is a cat that 
is dehyrdrated feels pretty > crappy, it's equivalent to having a horrible hang 
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