During our phone consult, she mentioned about a ton of homeopathic remedies.  I 
have them written down in my "cat binder" at home.  Some for the eyes to help 
with the URIs and tear stains, etc.  I know she mentioned Thuja a lot.  She 
reccomended a book that Washington Homeopathic Products (Homeopathyworks.com) 
sells regarding homeopathic treatment for cats and that I should consider 
ordering the "animal rescue kit" for cats to have on hand.  I did order both 
the book and the kit on Friday, so am not buying any homeopathic treatments at 
this time- waiting on my kit.  It should have all the things she mentioned 
during our consult.  
After my appt. Sat. with Possum, everyone is now getting the week treatment of 
Wrm Clear.  She says this kills just about everything- that it will get 
tapeworms (interesting...) and also cocidia, maybe even giardia.  It just makes 
the gut so inhospitable, that both parasites and bacteria can't continue to 
live there.  This is mainly for Yoda- to see if it helps clear up his diarrhea 
b/c Dr. Maier thinks something might be hanging around in there.  Also, since 
I've had Possum over a month and he eats wonderfully, and we've now gone 
through 1 1/2 tubes of nutrical, she asked if he's gotten any bigger and I said 
"only longer."  Like he's grown longer, but still isn't the size he should be 
for his age (6 mths-- Yoda puts him to shame body-wise).  So she wanted Possum 
to get a treatment of wrm clear to make sure he doesn't have a tapeworm or 
something hanging around (I haven't seen any segments tho- and believe me, I 
look for those things...ewww!).  
I'm also treating everyone with whatever the name of the homeopathic rem is for 
over-vaccination.  And colostrum- Dr. Maier gave me some.  I ran out forever 
ago and started using "Just Born" instead, then ran out of that, and due to 
expenses and just plain forgetfullness, forgot to get more.  Dr. Maier says the 
only kind to use in the New Zealand Bovine so I'll probably just get it from 
her for now on.  By the way, she set me up to get things from her for treatment 
of my fosters so that the group I vol for will pay for it...she rocks!  I got 
the wrm clear, triple antibiotic eye ointment (she says not to use terramycin- 
which I have been shying away from anyway b/c I have noted it seems to cause 
eye irritation in my cats- guess I was right), tobramycin eye drops, the one 
homeopathic rem for vaccinations, a bottle of colostrum, and a spray bottle of 
"cat nap"-- all so that I didn't have to pay (which is really only fair b/c 
these are fosters and I'm breaking myself paying for premium foods, crates, 
bowls, ferret "hammocks", and even litter sometimes).  I did have to pay for 
the Possum office visit- which was fine b/c her rates are so freaking 
reasonable, but b/c I am a foster, she gave me a percent discount.  So I 
finally just feel better all around- no longer like I am out there alone on a 
raft with all these special needs cats that technically don't belong to me b/c 
they are fosters- attempting to care for them without the assistance- when 
necessary- of a discounted vet/vet period!  Ensuring my psychologcial 
well-being in the situation I am in is obviously really important too.  And 
feeling I was expected to do this, sans vet care, was NOT working for me.    
And admittedly, I was out of town Sun. night through Tues. evening, so I didn't 
have tons of time to observe the Possum, post-Dr. visit, but already there's 
been even more improvement.  He just seems even more perky!  Last night and 
this morning, he's just a wide-eyed, perky little thing.  He may still be 
adoptable yet!  Given another month with me, he may be 85% almost normal!  And 
he's the best little bed sleeper (he's so teeny and gentle- he sleeps curled in 
my arms or up partially on my pillow and we have these little love fests in the 
morning while my snooze alarm goes off)- he'd make such a great buddy for 
someone who wants a gentle (i.e. not a high energy maniac of kitten), lovey 
dovey bed buddy!

From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Re: OT: sick 6 mo kitten 
follow-upDate: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 18:56:28 -0600

What did Dr. Maier say about supplements?  
                                                 If you have men who will 
exclude any of God's creatures                                                 
from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who                  
                                will deal likewise with their fellow man.       
                                                           St. Francis

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Caroline Kaufmann 
To: felvtalk@felineleukemia.org 
Sent: Monday, December 31, 2007 6:45 PM
Subject: RE: OT: sick 6 mo kitten follow-up
Well, I think I just never saw him drink b/c I had him only from last sat. 
night until monday in my bedroom with my other cats (I have two large rooms 
connected- so they have tons of space.  All but Possum sleep in the condo- 
which is set up by the front window- at night).  But we did keep him in a 
separate crate in the room until the vet visit last monday, and that vet said 
to isolate him, so poor kitty and his crate went to the basement.  I felt 
horrible, but we are just currently running out of rooms.  So, he was stuck 
down there all alone and since he wasn't with me in my room, I wasn't able to 
see what he does.  He spent most of his time down there crying crying crying 
(broke my heart) and knocking over his coop cup of water and food in his 
desperate attempts to reach thru the crate.  It was horrible, I know, but our 
basement doesn't have a real door- it's a folding levelor blind-like door and 
every cat, save for the teeny barn kittens, have made short shrift of it!  
Anyway, per Dr. Maier's advice- after she told me her analysis of the blood 
tests (she doesn't think it's FIP (she said severe dehydration will cause high 
protein and high globulin in the blood- also, he didn't test pos. for any 
corona virus, so I don't see how the conventional vet can say FIP???).  She 
thinks it's just very very very bad malnourishment/dehydration, infection from 
chronic URIs setting in, stress, etc).  So, I moved him into my room on Sat., 
per her okay and recc that it would be better for him.  Since he and Possum are 
both special needs, slow (which incidentally makes them really good kitties b/c 
they don't have the energy to "be bad"!), both recovering from what is 
hopefully only malnourishment, etc., they both stay out in the room/sleep with 
me on the bed at night (they are both such good little boys)!  So I finally saw 
him drink water and it's all at once, wonderful and hilarious!  He drinks 
voraciously (as voraciously as he eats his wet food- well, he's into the 
crunchies too, but the wet food eating it funnier b/c he smacks him lips and 
gobbles and just makes all these snarfling noises while eating- and gets it all 
over his nose- like he never tasted anything so good!).  So the water drinking 
is similar-- very loud, very intense, and when he looks up, he has it all over 
his chin and nose!  So, I am no longer concerned about water drinking.  I add a 
lot of water to his wet food too and he doesn't seem to mind.  He's not 
dehydrated anymore either.  He still looks like an old man cat to me tho- which 
is sad because he's only 6 months.  Sigh.  He looks like what my 19 yo Rambo 
looked like his last year of life.  He really bounced back after just coming to 
my house, getting fluids and the shot of penicillin, but he seems to have 
leveled off now.  We'll see...I really hope it's not dry FIP.  I just can't go 
through that.  Tackling this malnourishment and weakened state has been hard 

From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Re: OT: sick 6 mo kitten 
follow-upDate: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 17:38:57 -0600

Try dripping water or a water fountain.  Ebony loved to drink from the faucet.  
I like the fountain better because the water can be filtered.  
                                                 If you have men who will 
exclude any of God's creatures                                                 
from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who                  
                                will deal likewise with their fellow man.       
                                                           St. Francis

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Caroline Kaufmann 
To: felvtalk@felineleukemia.org 
Sent: Thursday, December 27, 2007 8:54 PM
Subject: RE: OT: sick 6 mo kitten follow-up
I have never seen him drink water, so I am not sure.  But he's been urinating a 
lot- of course that could be from the fluids.  He was dehydrated on Monday, but 
he bounced back so much after the shot of Penicillin and one bought of subcu 
fluids- it was really remarkable.  And of course, the vet isn't able to "see" 
that.  Since I have never seen him drink water, I have been adding water and 
KMR to his wet food- just to make sure to get some extra in.  He eats almost 
all of his food up, so he's certainly getting moisture that way.caroline 

Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 20:47:47 -0600From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: [EMAIL 
PROTECTED]: Re: OT: sick 6 mo kitten follow-up
That is great news, that everything is negative.
Is he drinking normally?  Is he dehydrated?  If he is not dehydrated....I would 
not see any need for fluids (but I'm not a vet, this is not to be construed as 
veterinary advice, yadda yadda)
On Dec 27, 2007 8:39 PM, Caroline Kaufmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Okay, the results are not all in, but I finally talked to the Vet about the 
blood tests from the sick kitten I took in- which he suspect FIP in.  The cat 
was NEGATIVE for Felv (so that's the second time he's tested neg.- first at 
approx. 2 mths old, now at 6 mths).  He NEGATIVE for FIV (which he had not yet 
been tested for ever).  The vet also says that so far, it looks like it's not 
FIP and he talked about how there is no conclusive test, etc., so for now, he 
has to go by the presence of antibodies- which he says are usually higher if 
the cat has "dry" FIP and then even higher if it's "wet" FIP.  He says the 
antibodies are just not high enough to for it to be FIP- either the dry or wet 
form.  So he remains concerned tho that it's a an infectious ( i.e., 
contagious) disease.  What he is waiting on now is the toxoplasmosis test b/c 
now he is suspecting that.  He said the results of that test will be in 
tomorrow.  He also said the blood is showing high globulin levels and high 
white blood cells- both of which indicate some kind of an infection, but he 
just doesn't know what kind yet.  I do have a phone consultation appointment 
tomorrow at 5:00 with the holistic vet (Marylyn-- Dr. Maier) who treated Monkee 
at the end of his life and whom Monkee loved- at a time when he was utterly 
miserable and fed up with vets!  We are consulting on this kitten and then also 
to discuss general care of fosters and things I can do holistically to help 
them rehab faster.  I may end up taking Yoda to her anyway b/c of the diarrhea 
that I can't get traditional vets to address.  Hopefully, I will have the blood 
tests results on my sick kitten emailed to me before then, so I can forward 
them to her for her review and "second" opinion.  I feel better because I am 
finally getting some freaking vets lined up so that I can finally take care of 
these fosters without always feeling like I'm supposed to do so without ever 
having veterinary access unless a cat is pretty much dying in my arms.  Monkee 
died in my arms despite all the things we did to save him and there is NO WAY 
I'm going to allow another cat to die in my arms- especially these fosters who 
seem to have totally treatable (possibly preventable) things going on with 
them!  Urg.  So we continue to forge ahead. Poor kitty feels so much better and 
I'm worried about continuing to give him fluids.  Dr. Maier said in an email 
that if he is doing that much better and has had 3 treatments of subcu fluids, 
it's probably not necessary to do them today.  But when I talked to the 
conventional vet that saw the cat on Monday, he said to continue them b/c 
"extra fluids are extra fluids," "it can't really hurt him" (I beg to differ- 
it's very traumatic b/c it's just me and him in a contest of wills and strength 
and it's pretty horrible- he gets that huge needle out everytime and I have to 
re-stick him-- which is hell for me and him), and "without really seeing the 
cat, he can't tell me to discontinue fluids."  Well, my mom and I have 
discussed it and I'm doing them tonight.  It's too much on him and me.  He's 
feeling too "good" now so that he really fights the fluid giving.  I always 
recall that Dr. Maier- in all her holistic wisdom- said (when I first took 
Monkee to her), that "you don't want the treatment to be worse than the 
disease."  I think that solves my dilemma for now. Caroline      

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