Isabella's white blood count was 3,400 - normal is 3,700-20,500. Sounds like a 
different scale than yours, Lynne. I love this vet as we stay in touch by email 
so I snet her an email this evening asking what significance this reading is. I 
am disappointed that things aren't perfect but oh my, she is so much better 
than last summer. We are so grateful for her weight gain and happy countenance! 
We had many scares and almost as many miracles with kitties in the past year. 
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  I'm sorry the news wasn't better Laurie.  Did your vet give you a copy of 
Isabella's white blood count.  If so what was it.  BooBoo's was 9.9 today.  How 
does that compare?

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    Well, Isabella's blood work came back mostly good. Her white blood count is 
below normal~ around where it was last summer. That was disappointing. 
    Her FELV test from yesterday came back positive (this is her third positive 
test). Disappointing but not surprising.
    Her vet is having us stop giving the pain med and wants to reduce the pred 
if things go well with discontinuing the tramadal.
    All in all her vet is pleased with her current health and appearance.

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