Blessings to you for caring for the little ones. Others on the list can give you better advise than I but I am going to put my two cents in. I try to give colostrum to any stressed cat that I Mom has several ferals/throw-aways/strays who come regularly for food. I add brewer's yeast and whatever supplements I can to the wet food they get. Dixie, my FeLV+ cat who is extremely healthy and happy and has been for the three years she has graced me with her presence, gets interferon to help with her teeth. None of us (her regular vets or her holistic vets) know whether the FeLV or miserable diet as a throw-away caused the problems but the interferon + PetzLife Brush Away + a very high quality, no grain diet with lots of veggies (finely chopped or baby food) have that problem under control. Probiotics are great. The cats are stressed and I use Feliway spray and Cat Nap to calm cats when I need to. Most of Mom's can't be touched, much less handled. Occasionally I have to live trap them and Feliway seems to help as does Rescue Remedy, Cat Nap is new to my tool box but I have seen it work with Dixie and other cats. Provide them with places to hide and feel safe. Spraying the bedding and yourself will help. The other cats in the house may benefit from RR in their water. The addition of the lovely little ones has to be stressful for them too. They really know much more than we give them credit for.

Personally, I would check with a holistic vet as a companion, not replacement, for regular vet care. When my very wonderful regular vets told me Dixie tested positive and after we decided what to do with her (long story but she could not be released as planned because of the FeLV) I took her to see a holistic vet. Again, as a companion, not a substitute.

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This is my first post so please bear with me. I'm posting this through email. If there's a more efficient way please let me know. 2 weeks ago I took in 7 filthy, reeking, matted, very, very ill cats from a horrific shelter in the area. All were emaciated, dehydrated, infected eyes, URI's, ear mites/infections, severe diahrea, etc.. My vet didn't think they'd make it through the first night but here they are getting healthier by the day. Some still need injectable antibiotic combos daily but they are improving. One of these had severe gingivitis - very infected teeth that had to be dealt quickly. She survived the anaesthetic and had all except 4 teeth removed (her canines were sticking sideways out of her mouth they were so infected). She had a blood panel done and she tested positive for FeLV. Her other levels correlate with the positive diagnosis. She may be up to 8 yrs old? She has a severe URI which is improving. However, she has terrible diahrea. She is on a daily injectable antibiotic combo and also gets injectable B12 and injectable B complex. I have her on probiotics and Standard Process Whole Body Support. I have Collostrum. Do you recommend it and how much should I give her? She's tiny and fragile - 4 - 5 lbs now. Do you recommend Interferon? What else can I give her? She is isolated in a very large sunny warm bathroom and very happy and very active (even a bit hyper). She has gone from NASTY cat in the beginning to sweet cuddly lap cat now. Two of the others have been tested (awaiting results) and the other 4 will have blood panels this week. Some of these new cats are isolated together and some are isolated alone. My own cats and other permanent fosters I have are fragile and don't get vaxed - can't due to auto immune diseases, severe HCM, vaccinosis, etc. so the new ones have no contact with mine.
Any and all suggestions, advice would be gratefully accepted.

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