I suppose you're right there Dede.  We've never had problems clipping
Lennie's nails and I did clip Snowy's left paw last week.  She has a
scratching post and uses it regularly so I wasn't too concerned that she
wouldn't let me do her right side.  Now I know why she wouldn't let me.  I
think she's a little ticked at me right now.  She won't even let me pet her.

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> Well, they say things happen for a reason. An infected paw wouldn't help
anything heal.  Glad you found it.  I have a cat who has that happen all the
time.  He is semi feral, and the vet has to clip his hails.  He is diabetic,
and i don't mess with that.  Give her extra loves...as if I had to tell you
to do that!!!
> Dede
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> > Date: Saturday, April 26, 2008, 8:32 PM
> > Well I won't be taking Snowy in for spaying this coming
> > week.  I went to clip her nails tonight and noticed that
> > there was a big lump on her right paw.  When I touched it
> > she meowed so I got her into the emergency vet.  They told
> > me I did nothing wrong that this had happened to her over a
> > very long period of time.  Her nail had grown into her skin,
> > along with hair and they had to put her under and remove it.
> >  It had grown far into her pad and couldn't be removed
> > easily.  I don't get this.  She had seen 2 vets prior
> > to our getting her and no one noticed this.  Now the poor
> > little thing has to be on antibiotics (Clindamycin) and
> > wear one of those horrible hood things so she won't
> > lick her paw.  She had a piece taken out of it and
> > cauterized.  I am so sorry for what this poor little dear
> > has been through in her short life.  I just hope all this
> > trauma doesn't cause her herpes virus to resurface.
> > The first thing the vet did when we got her there was to
> > squirt eye wash into her eyes and she got all upset.  I
> > kind of yelled at him for doing that and asked why.  He
> > said she looks like she has allergies and I said
> > "she's a persian their eyes tear".
> > Fortunately there was a very knowledgeable technician
> > present who seemed to know a lot more than this guy did.
> >
> > Lynne
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