Do you have any Rescue Remedy or Cat Nap? Both should help calm her so will Feliway spray. Stress, for all of us, is a bad thing.
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We can't keep the hood on her. She became hysterical. She can be a very high strung little girl and fight like a lion when she has to do something she doesn't want to. I did manage to get the Clindamycin capsules down her this morning with only one scratch. She is on this for a couple weeks so we're in for a stressful time. I just called the vet and told them the story about the hood and the technician said occasional licking is ok, it's just constant licking that can present a problem. When Bob picked her up last night the vet told him he had washed her eyes AGAIN. I had to take my dad back home so wasn't able to go. I think I would have given him a real lashing if I had been there. Whatever he put in her eyes stained her fur horribly, not that I care what she looks like, but when we tried washing her face with a warm cloth it smeared all over. Fortunately we won't have to go back there. The vet did say to absolutely cancel her spaying though which certainly makes sense.

I can't imagine Frankie or any animal wearing one of those things for 2 weeks especially if the poor dear is blind. There has to be a better way. I hope Frankie's biopsy turns out ok.

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Poor baby. At least you found it! Frankie wa sent home with a hood yesterday after his biopsy. He promptly removed it. He is blind so needs those whiskers to navigate. I am not sure what I will do as he is supposed to thave the hood on for 2 weeks! BTW, that vet had no business washing her eyes without your permission, imo.
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Well I won't be taking Snowy in for spaying this coming week. I went to clip her nails tonight and noticed that there was a big lump on her right paw. When I touched it she meowed so I got her into the emergency vet. They told me I did nothing wrong that this had happened to her over a very long period of time. Her nail had grown into her skin, along with hair and they had to put her under and remove it. It had grown far into her pad and couldn't be removed easily. I don't get this. She had seen 2 vets prior to our getting her and no one noticed this. Now the poor little thing has to be on antibiotics (Clindamycin) and wear one of those horrible hood things so she won't lick her paw. She had a piece taken out of it and cauterized. I am so sorry for what this poor little dear has been through in her short life. I just hope all this trauma doesn't cause her herpes virus to resurface. The first thing the vet did when we got her there was to squirt eye wash into her eyes and she got all upset. I kind of yelled at him for doing that and asked why. He said she looks like she has allergies and I said "she's a persian their eyes tear". Fortunately there was a very knowledgeable technician present who seemed to know a lot more than this guy did.


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