Sue, get a copy of the blood work and post the test results and lab ranges.  
Depending on the type of anemia there are things you can do.  There is a Yahoo 
Anemia group you can join.
A transfusion buys you time for a treatment plan to kick in.  I add a B super 
complex and folic acid to the canned food for my FeLV+ cats.  There is a 
supplement called NutriVed that can be purchased on line that also has iron.  
If Buzz has non-regenerative anemia you can give him epogen shots.  Anemia 
caused by Hemobartonella can be treated, I just don't know what is used.
The cost of a transfusion varies greatly.  You might want to check around.  It 
is my understating that receiving a transfusion is not painful.

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Buzz has a red blood count of 8, the vet says it should be 30.  She gave him a
steriod shot.  She says we could choose to give him a transfusion but that
would only be a temporary fix and very expensive.  He also has a bad heart
murmer.  Right now I am just trying to by time to look into optiions.  I am
very much against making a cat go through a lot of painful procedures just to
buy a month or two.  They just don't understand why you are doing it to
them.  Why can't cats take iron pills like anemic humans do?  So many

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