Many things can cause anemia in positives and negatives, just 
because a cat is positive and becomes anemic doesn't mean the reason for 
it shouldn't be sought and treated.  One likely cause for a cat to 
become anemic is hemobartonella which is extremely difficult to test for 
... I know more than one cat that would be dead if their owner had not 
insisted on treating with doxocycline even when the test said more than 
once they were negative, I know one girl had to test her cat 5 times 
before they got a positive result, thank goodness the vet had the 
foresight to treat with doxy ... that cat is still alive.

Please ask your vet about doxy, it won't hurt if Buzzy is truly negative 
for hemobartonella but may well save his life if he is positive for it.


happiness is being owned by cats ...


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