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Can you confine him to an area where he will cause no harm? Perhaps try some sort of sedatives or catnip or ????? to relieve whatever anxieties he may have? I am a big believer in Feliway and Rescue Remedy. This is assuming he is having some problems because of anxiety and/or is picking up on your anxiety over the problems. Just ideas.

If there are no a/cs in your area, most will consult by phone. Here is the emails of two I know personally: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Ann Baumbach) [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Judy Guetig Greenberg). You can email them and ask questions re their qualifications, prices, etc. There are wonderful articles on the internet if you Google for them. This is a website that has some information on it: http://www.horizonvetserv.com You can do this yourself but you may find that you are too close to the situation. As always, I am putting this on the table. Take what works for you and leave the rest. If none of it feels right to you, do not feel bad. We are all on our own paths and they are not the same.

Good luck.
On Aug 2, 2008, at 10:27 AM, Lynne wrote:

Thanks Marylyn and Sally. I have never heard of an animal communicator. And no Sally I haven't taken him to the vet. We agreed though that we are going to before making a decision. My husband said he got so angry last night for what Lennie had done but says he doesn't want to have him put down if we can make some changes that may help him. I gave my husband a good lashing about getting angry about a poor old senile guy not knowing what he's doing and reminded him that there may come a day that he craps himself and hopefully no one will get angry at him. He's always been very close to Len, and I know he doesn't want to lose him. SO we are going to make an appointment to have him checked out and see if there is anything to help him. The only problem is, you know yourself that some vets will order every test ever invented and prescribe a ton of medication that honestly serves no purpose. I can almost predict what Len's vet will do. Prednisone and antibiotics, more blood work maybe even an x-ray. I've practically broke the bank with BooBoo, Snowy and Len. Still, we'll take him in for treatment and work on making a plan to help with "mistakes" at night. AND I am going to search around to see if there is an animal communicator in my area.

Again, thanks girls for the advice.

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