I would test all, if financially possible.  I rescued a mom and five babies,
mom tested negative, runt tested positive at 7 weeks old and was
quarantined, 4 siblings were negative at 8 weeks old.  One of the neg's got
a fever at about 14 weeks old, he was retested Elisa and IFA and was
positive on both.  They were all tested again 2 or 3 months later (I can't
remember which, I know that 90 days is better, but we were anxious to get
them out of quarantine, so I think we bumped it up a little).  The neg's
were still neg.  They are now vaccinated and we mix, don't plan to retest
unless someone gets sick.

Best of luck,
Beth, Blue, Moxie, Dash, Scooter, and Will Feral
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