It is a very personal decision. In an ideal world with a perfect setup, I
probably would not mix. However in a small house 10 cats and all of them
were exposed before the diagnosis I mixed after vaccinating the negative
cats. I wound up with 3 positives out of 11 cats and a cat that died just
before this but never tested. I am sure he was positive too. Junior lived
the longest. I felt it was less stressful mixing them. I did wound up with 3
additional cats. No I did not add them they showed up. The three new cats
were kept separate while getting vaccinated and time for it to take effect.
None of the other cats became positive. Be aware there is still a risk.

Good Luck and bless you for taking care of her.

Oh yes I found that the immuno regin helped Junior's gingivitis clear up. It
is an immune booster mentioned on teh website.

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