Thanks. Yes, I do belong. And thank-you for sharing your personal
experience, too. A friend had one cat die from FIP at about 2 years of age
and his litter mate lived to 18. My other cats are all 8 or older. Tessa is
age unknown but at least a year old.

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Have you joined the FIP yahoo group?  If not, do so.  They are great.
[EMAIL PROTECTED]  FIP is not really "contagious" in the sense that
Felv is.  I have had 3 fosters die of it and all the other fosters that were
exposed to them are fine.  And it's not because they were foster-mates or
exposed to each other.  It doesn't work like that.  FIP is caused by the
corona virus, which all cats in a rescue situation (mine were from animal
control) and/or multi-cat household are more than likely going to have high
titers for, but that doesn't mean they "have" FIP.  A high corona virus
titer for a lot of cats will mean nothing.  FIP is a mutation of the corona
virus- the body's inappropriate immune response to corona.  There are
theories and beliefs about the factors that contribute to the reason why in
one cat with the high titer, they come down with FIP, but in another, they
may never-- not even the dry form in old age; and yes, I have my theories
and of course I think I know why I had 3 that didn't make it.  So,
essentially, there's not really an argument for segregating- even if you
have a cat with a fat belly and it could be wet fip.  I'm far from an
expert, so you should join the FIP group to get all the information.  >
From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]> To:> Date: Fri, 7
Nov 2008 16:27:48 -0600> Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] diagnosing FIP> > I wrote
earlier this week about Tessa's big belly. Before introducing her to> my
other kitties I wanted to be sure she did not have FIP. Our internal med>
vet offered to ultrasound her belly. She, too, was alarmed when she saw
her.> The ultrasound showed just fat cells, no liquid. Great way to> least for the wet form!> Laurie> > >
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