i don't know if they have something like this for the antibiotics he is 
getting, but my vet gave Annie an injection that lasts for 2 weeks.  she also 
is difficult to pill, give liquids and is super good at hiding.  she can get 
lost in our house very easy.  my Snuggles also hated pills, liquids, any kind 
of meds.  he used every weapon in his arsenal and had no problems with biting, 
scratching me to avoid them.  once, he got a grass seed lodged in his lung, 
almost died and had to be put on oxygen for couple of days   the vet gave him 
shots those days, but sent him home with horse size pills to be given every 
day.  after 1 day, ended up going to vet every day for shots.  that way, i did 
ot have to get a transfusion every day.  dorlis
---- catatonya <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 
> Hey Gloria,
>   We've tried it.  The problem is he's very difficult to pill.  When I start 
> him on antibiotics he runs and hides and I can't catch him for 
> days...........  He has escaped at the vet's office twice (at two different 
> vets) because he literally climbs the walls to escape!  We have tried 
> zithromax and zenoquin and one other. but he never got them every single day 
> for the entire time period.  :(
> Gloria Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>   Hey Tonya, I might try some Azithromycin. It's become my latest 
> discovery to try for the unknown. I've used it mostly in cats/kittens 
> with problem eyes. I've read that some abx are said to affect Herpes, 
> because of the relationship between the two amino acids lysine and 
> arginine. The zithro is more expensive, so that might be a 
> deterrent. IT's liquid, as are amoxi and clinidamycin, so you have to 
> be able to squirt it in the mouth.
> Good luck,
> Gloria
> On Nov 2, 2008, at 7:49 PM, catatonya wrote:
> > thanks. maybe he's just gaining weight from the canned food. he's 
> > been exposed to no new cats and has been breathing funny for at 
> > least a year now....... we've done antibiotics twice. i just don't 
> > know...
> > t
> >
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