His belly feels 'tight' to the touch.  Can a cat keep an ongoing herpes 
infection that never worsens or improves much?

Heather <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:  A vet can usually tell if fluid in the 
stomach "feels like" the type of
accumulation you find with FIP or not, if there is fluid, they will draw it
to see if characterisitic of FIP (straw colored) but the fluid should still
be tested.

FIP is frequently misdiagnosed. And yes, many cats carry corona virus
their whole lives without ever developing FIP which is caused by a mutation
in the virus.

Wet fip (where you have a fluid effusion in the belly or chest cavity)
usually results in a very sick cat pretty quickly, so it's good if she's
eating, feels well, energetic, etc.

Would be good to have a vet check her belly to see what they think may be
going on in case it's something else, too, of course.

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