Lorrie,  you say he won't eat unless you sit with him and give him small bits 
of food.  could it be that he likes the attention and doing tihs gets him even 
more?  he doesn't feel good and wants mommy to give him comfort and attention.  
animals are like children, they know what buttons to push.  i can see that in 
my own babies.  Homey #1 wants out or canned food.  i don't give it to her 
right away and she will rub things, knocking them down, walk in front of me so 
slow.  all that stops when she gets what she wants.  Homey @2 has a sinus 
infection and is sneezing a lot.  she doesn't want her nose wiped, but keeps 
coming back for more and every time i sit, she is on mylap.  she knows i will 
wipe her nose, but is willing to put up with that to get what she wants.  dorlis
---- Lorrie <felineres...@kvinet.com> wrote: 
> Hi Sharyl,
> I see what you mean about "assist" rather than "force", and I would
> definitely assist feed a cat who is just off it's food for awhile or
> one who had a non terminal illness. The story I wrote about happened
> many years ago, and this cat was dying of kidney failure, but I was
> too young and too dumb to know it, and I kept hoping he'd get better.
> Now I realize I was probably torturing the poor cat by forcing food
> into him.
> As a matter of fact I am "assist feeding" my very old cat now. His
> recent blood work was very good for his age, and he had his teeth
> cleaned again, plus had an extraction, but he will not eat unless I
> sit there with him, and give him small amounts of food several
> times a day.  I see what you mean about assist rather than force.
> Lorrie
> On 12-29, Sharyl wrote: I'm hoping Lorrie did not mean she would
> > never assist feed another cat.? There are so many reasons a cat
> > stops eating that can be treated if a person is willing to assist
> > feed for a period of time.? Constipation and dehydration are two
> > that come to mind that anyone of us with a FeLV+ kitty might face.?
> > Assist feeding while the medical problem is being addressed will
> > save the cat's life. ? There are many ways to assist feed.? Please
> > note I use the term assist feeding instead of force feeding.? A lot
> > of the process is the state of your mind while helping your cat.? I
> > assist my cats to consume the daily calories they need.?? My
> > Pequita only eats if I spoon feed her on my bed.? Works for her,
> > works for me.?  ? Bright Eyes is bouncing back and forth between
> > diarrhea and constipation while I try and figure out the problem
> > and the right dose of lactulose.? ?He gets syringe fed 20 cc of
> > Gerbers 2 Chicken and Gravy every few hours to supplement what
> > little he does eat on his own.? He is the only one of the 4 FeLV+
> > babies I rescued last fall that isn't doing well.?? I've accepted
> > that I might lose him but by golly he isn't going to starve to
> > death.? I can't fix FeLV but I can prevent starvation.?  ? Once
> > again here is the link to the Yahoo Assist Feeding group.
> > http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/Feline-Assisted-Feeding/ It is a
> > good one to bookmark. Sharyl
> > 
> > 
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