Thanks for your post Wendy.  That other post did come on awfully
strong, and she certainly didn't do anything wrong. She did the 
best she could, which is all any of us can do.  

As for force feeding. I feel it helps if the cat has a problem that
is curable, but NOT if the cat is so sick it is going to die soon
anyway. I still feel terribly guilty about a cat I had several years
ago that I force fed.  He struggled to get away from me but he was
too weak. When he began to gag I realized this was pure torture for
him and I stopped the force feeding...... He died a few days later. 
I will never put another cat through this!


On 12-28, wendy wrote: You haven't done anything wrong!? You are
> learning and there's nothing at all wrong with that!? Thank God you
> want to help General, and are seeking out information to do so!?
> Sometimes posts that are meant to be helpful can come out a little
> too strongly/passionately/opinionated or like they're telling you
> what to do, but usually its because those thoughts are backed by
> painful memories of loss/lessons learned the hard way.? You do what
> is comfortable for you and General, and please don't feel pressured
> to do anything else.? Feel free to email me off list, or anyone
> else I would assume, that you feel comfortable talking to if
> posting here makes you uncomfortable.
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> Sent: Sunday, December 28, 2008 11:51:21 AM
> Subject: Re:  tysons canned chicken breast nutrition facts
> It's ok, I'm not going to give it to him anymore. Sorry guys, I
> didn't mean to create a fuss or this much discussion!? I know I've
> done wrong now.? I won't do it again.

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