Hi everyone

My kitten Bernie was diagnosed with Felv about 2 months after we got him
home from the shelter.  He was on interferon for 45 days, retested, and is
still positive.  When we got him from the shelter he did not have his second
set of vaccinations yet. He is now 8 months old.

I am taking him to the vet tonight to get the shots.  The vet said she would
split up the doses so his body could handle them.  I think I will go back in
3 weeks and get the rest.  I am still a little nervous about him getting the
shots and becoming sick.

He was symptom free for about 40 days and then he had a bad day where he
wouldn't eat.  Otherwise, he has been acting like a normal kitten. No more
soft stool, good appetite (besides his bad day), good energy.  Still give
him interferon once a day.

Has anyone had an experience with the vaccinations? Is there a good chance
he could die from the shots?  I know he needs them.. but I am nervous about

Also, I decided to keep my non Felv cat (Brady) with Bernie. The vet told us
to get Brady re-tested in 3 1/2 months.  He tested negative the first time.
My question is, how often should you have your non Felv Cat tested? I was
thinking once a year would be ok? Every 3 1/2 months sounds like too

Thank you!
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