Thanks for the welcome & kind words, Gary & Laurie.       My vet believes 
Grrr has lymphosarcoma, but for the time being the diagnostic tools recommended 
to locate the suspected spinal tumor are simply out of reach financially.  
Times are lean for everyone, I know; this was a very difficult day, deciding 
courses of treatment for this very cool, loved cat based on our credit lines.  
He's having a rough time getting around.  Grrr is also, as you may be able to 
gather from his name, not a terribly good patient.  That may be the 
understatement of the month.  He is slightly anemic as well, but his... 
attitude doesn't make him a terribly good candidate for, say, daily pills, etc. 
 He's getting a cortisol shot to see if it improves his mobility/comfort & an 
injectable, long term antibiotic (I need to get the drug name) to counter the 
immune suppressive effects of the cortisol.  He eats like a horse, so we're 
going to try some of the suggested dietary modifications as well.  Any one with 
suggestions for minimally invasive treatments (minimally invasive by this cat's 
standards is, say, tossing a tasty tidbit gently from across the room, careful 
not to let it land too close), please share as I continue to dredge through the 
archives.  My other two are keenly looking around for Grrr tonight- should be a 
fun car ride home tomorrow with all three, plus the mastiff going along to get 
her rabies vax.  I'll check back in tomorrow- good night, all, and thanks again 
for the support!     
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