Thanks Sharyl. I think that is what I would do, too (30 days).

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Laurie, I don't know for sure about the isolation requirements.  As a
precaution, I kept my positives separate from my negatives until after the
negative had received the 30 day booster.  That was a yr ago and all are
still doing fine.

Amy, to build on what others have already written, enjoy each day with your
big boy.  Over the last yr I have rescued 6 positive kittens from a dumpster
colony.  I lost one in Jan. but the other 5 are doing great and are a joy to
be with.  Having had CRF and heart kitties I learned to treasure each day I
have with my beloved companions. 

We do what we can with the available resources to help these sweet
companions have a full and meaningful life.  Love is first on the list of
what these babies need.  

My oldest positives are 1 1/2 yrs old.  The babies are 8 months old.    
Love and enjoy him.

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> Hi Amy. I didn't find out my boys were positive until
> they were in their
> teens. The vet said they were likely "carriers"
> and since Squeaky was never
> sick, the vet said his was likely in his bone marrow.
> Stripes was
> symptomatic on and off. Stripes lived several more years
> (to age 16) and
> Squeaky lived to age 22. 
> Isabella tested positive almost 2 years ago and is the
> picture of health. 
> Your boy could live a long life.
> Keep your other kitties separate for at least 24 hours
> after they are
> vaccinated (I can't recall if they should be separate
> until the booster in
> 30 days....does anyone know?).
> Laurie
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> Just wanted to say a quick hello to all the list members-
> i've just joined
> upon learning this afternoon that my much adored 10 year
> old cat is
> positive.  We're unsure as to how he contracted feluk
> as he was tested
> before we adopted him, and the two cats we have adopted
> since then were both
> tested... sigh.  We take the other two in tomorrow morning
> to be tested &
> hopefully vaccinated, and then we'll bring my big boy
> home.  Hopefully he
> will be with us for at least a few more months.  I've
> been scouring the
> archives and can't express enough gratitude- there is
> so much wonderful
> information & support here.  I look forward to being a
> part of this
> community.  Amy


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