I wan to start by saying that you to all of you who post here - I have
learned so much from your comments-- much more that I could get from the
vet!  We have a year old inside kitten (Pebbles) who became pregnant before
we got around to getting her spayed. She is absolutely the most loving cat I
have ever seen, and no signs of illness until. In mid January she had a
spontaneous abortion, so we called the vet and took her in on a Sunday
afternoon.  They gave her antibiotics and kept her over night to test her,
and spay her when she got better.  When I called to check on her the next
morning, I was told by the vets assistant that she had tested positive to
FELV.  Not knowing anything about it at that time,  I asked what our options
were.  The first words out of her mouth were euthanizing!  I was so upset,
and decided not to do that, but to further investigate myself.  We had our
other cats tested (both negative) and had our male neutered.  The vet
suggested we not spay Pebbles at that time.  Pebbles got home and seemed
like her normal self.  The only thing I have noticed is that occasionally
she and dry food do not mix well - she throws it back up. Could this
vomiting be stomachitis?    I am checking out other vets in our area, hoping
to find one that is more up to date on FelV.  Any suggestion anyone has I am
open to.


Becky Penn

Guntersville, AL

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