Oops, truncated message.
She tested 30% positive (small, faded dot) at 9 weeks.

Same at 11 weeks.

Then retested at 5.5 months old- positive again.

All 3 were the Elisa test. 

Then our vet recommended the PCR test, which he says can detect even minute 
amounts of the virus, and is more accurate than the IFA.

Test results came back-- she is negative! We believe this is a miracle, as we 
didn't hold out much hope she'd turn positive. 

So it does happen. My Dad has been feeding her EVO, and also probiotics. She is 
indoors only, up to date on her combo shot, dewormed, and really healthy 
otherwise. She had a poor appetite though for the most part. She is completely 
isolated from the other kittens we rescued, and my Dad is super vigilant about 
washing hands, keeping all areas and bedding, food, etc. separate...

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I just joined the group and got some good news this past Friday. Lola,  
the 6 month old feral kitten we resued tested positive on the ELISA  
test at 9 weeks, 11 weeks,

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On Oct 19, 2008, at 10:17 AM, catatonya <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I've been mixing *except kittens* for nearly 15 years now.  I've  
> never had it transferred.  Your cats should not have a problem.   
> Good luck!
>  tonya
et> wrote:
>  Hello,
> I have to say this is a very enlightening forum. I have learned so  
> much
> from you all! I found a stray 2 months ago at work who was in  
> terrible condition,
> near death, starving, fleas, worms, etc. She had a 'tipped' ear and  
> I found out
> later she was an Indy Feral cat who was in the TNR program. Don't  
> know whether
> she was actually 'feral' though, but I doubt it because she has  
> become quite lovable.
> Had her tested at a low cost clinic and was +. The vet there said  
> her teeth didn't
> look so good and that was typical in feral cats.
> When I took her to my regular vet, he somehow neglected to even look  
> in her
> mouth and he said as a + she'd live a couple months to a year,  
> giving a very grim
> diagnosis. I tried not to prod at her too much at first since she  
> was in such a
> delicate condition, but about a week after the vet appt, I noticed  
> she was missing
> all of her tiny teeth on the top and all but one of the little ones  
> on the bottom. I was
> horrified and it was then realized that my vet hadn't even looked in  
> her mouth.
> After nursing her back to health, she has become very healthy except  
> for some
> sneezing spells every now and then. This does worry me because  
> sometimes
> mucus comes out. She had extreme uncontrollable diarrhea
> when I first got her, which after using fortiflora for a month  0A> helped a 
> lot, but did
> not cure it completely. For the last week I have been feeding her a  
> raw chicken
> diet (I have been feeding my other 3 cats this diet since February  
> with amazing results)
> and her diarrhea is completely gone.
> So she's been in my bathroom isolated from my other cats this entire  
> time, and she
> really does seem to be happy there but I hate to keep them  
> separated. I am getting
> ready to take her to the vet again to have her teeth checked out  
> because her breath
> is really terrible (seeing a different vet there though). I am  
> worried about stressing her
> out by taking her to the vet and I know they will recommend a  
> cleaning which will
> probably stress her even more, but having an unhealthy mouth would  
> be worse on
> her than the experience of a cleaning. Right?
> I have 3 other (negative) cats, 2 are adults and one is about 1 year  
> and 5 months
> (I guess you'd call her an adult, she did just have her 2nd dose of  
> the felv vax) These
> 2 vets say they would absolutely NOT mix.
> My question to all of you who mix is: Have any of your negatives  
> become + ?? Any advice
> would be greatly appreciated.
> Tracey
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