I just joined the group and got some good news this past Friday. Lola,  
the 6 month old feral kitten we resued tested positive on the ELISA  
test at 9 weeks, 11 weeks,

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On Oct 19, 2008, at 10:17 AM, catatonya <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I've been mixing *except kittens* for nearly 15 years now.  I've  
> never had it transferred.  Your cats should not have a problem.   
> Good luck!
>  tonya
> Tracey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  Hello,
> I have to say this is a very enlightening forum. I have learned so  
> much
> from you all! I found a stray 2 months ago at work who was in  
> terrible condition,
> near death, starving, fleas, worms, etc. She had a 'tipped' ear and  
> I found out
> later she was an Indy Feral cat who was in the TNR program. Don't  
> know whether
> she was actually 'feral' though, but I doubt it because she has  
> become quite lovable.
> Had her tested at a low cost clinic and was +. The vet there said  
> her teeth didn't
> look so good and that was typical in feral cats.
> When I took her to my regular vet, he somehow neglected to even look  
> in her
> mouth and he said as a + she'd live a couple months to a year,  
> giving a very grim
> diagnosis. I tried not to prod at her too much at first since she  
> was in such a
> delicate condition, but about a week after the vet appt, I noticed  
> she was missing
> all of her tiny teeth on the top and all but one of the little ones  
> on the bottom. I was
> horrified and it was then realized that my vet hadn't even looked in  
> her mouth.
> After nursing her back to health, she has become very healthy except  
> for some
> sneezing spells every now and then. This does worry me because  
> sometimes
> mucus comes out. She had extreme uncontrollable diarrhea
> when I first got her, which after using fortiflora for a month  
> helped a lot, but did
> not cure it completely. For the last week I have been feeding her a  
> raw chicken
> diet (I have been feeding my other 3 cats this diet since February  
> with amazing results)
> and her diarrhea is completely gone.
> So she's been in my bathroom isolated from my other cats this entire  
> time, and she
> really does seem to be happy there but I hate to keep them  
> separated. I am getting
> ready to take her to the vet again to have her teeth checked out  
> because her breath
> is really terrible (seeing a different vet there though). I am  
> worried about stressing her
> out by taking her to the vet and I know they will recommend a  
> cleaning which will
> probably stress her even more, but having an unhealthy mouth would  
> be worse on
> her than the experience of a cleaning. Right?
> I have 3 other (negative) cats, 2 are adults and one is about 1 year  
> and 5 months
> (I guess you'd call her an adult, she did just have her 2nd dose of  
> the felv vax) These
> 2 vets say they would absolutely NOT mix.
> My question to all of you who mix is: Have any of your negatives  
> become + ?? Any advice
> would be greatly appreciated.
> Tracey
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